OPW University: Retail Fueling Basics Video Series

OPW University
OPW Has Releases 3-Part Video Series; “Retail Fueling Basics (101-Level Training)”

Edward Kammerer

OPW’s own industry veteran, Edward Kammerer
guides you through this video series meant for both
industry veterans and those new to retail fueling
equipment and environments.

OPW Retail Fueling BasicsYou can also download the workbook
to go along with the videos here.


In Part I of this series, Ed will discuss underground storage tanks, overfill & spill protection, coaxial, dual point- and multi-port fuel drops and Stage I vapor recovery


In Part II of this series, Ed walks you through how fuel moves from the UST to the fueling island. He will introduce you to piping, entry fittings and double wall containment systems.


In Part III of this series, Ed discusses what’s at the dispenser; containment sumps, shear valves hanging hardware and other equipment.

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OPW Retail Fueling Components


OPW Engineered Systems

OPW Fuel Management Systems

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Omntec CLD Series| Portable Containment Sump Tester


…That sumps are required to be tested every 3 years for tightness according to EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 280.35?
Here area few links to check out the text of the regulation: Govinfo.gov and EPA.gov.Omntec CLD Series Portable Sump Tester

Third-Party Certified For 15 Minute Test

The CLD Series Sump Tester is available in one to eight probe versions. Each system is conveniently stored in a durable case equipped with wheels for ease and accessibility.  Pull up, set up, and test in as quick as 15 minutes. Results print out and can be stored internally.

Each system includes:

  • (1) Case with wheels
  • (1) PROTEUS OEL8000III-CLD* microprocessor-based controller with printer
  • (1) RS-232 port
  • (*) MTG-probe input connectors (1 per probe)
  • (*) MTG-probes with suspension chains with “s” hooks (1 per probe)
  • (*) 50ft MTG-probe cables (1 per probe)
  • (1) 12ft three-pronged power cord
    *quantities reflect CLD Series version purchased (ie. CLD 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 6 7, & 8)
CLD Series Model Options
(includes all components above – click model # to see in our web store)
CLD3 – 3 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD4 – 4 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD6 – 6 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD8 – 8 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe

Omntec CLD Series Sample Print Out


  • Third-Party Certified
  • Ease in programming
  • Tests are stored within the on-board microSD card
  • Flexibility and adaptability to different State and Federal regulations
  • Easy to understand graphical touch-screen display prompts

Omntec CLD Series O - M Manual
CLD Series
O & M Manual
Omntec CLD Series Product Brochure
CLD Series
Product Brochure
OmntecCLICK HERE to check out ALL Omntec Monitor Systems we currently have in our web store
Omntec Shop By ImageCLICK HERE to check out Omntec Monitor Systems Shop By Image feature

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Make Sump Repair Profitable

Discover the world’s leading secondary containment repair solutions at Icon Containment Solutions

Icon’s SplitRepair Fittings are designed to be the most simple approach to any configuration of equipment for faster installations, and we have solutions for any combination of sump type, entry/test fittings, and piping (offset or angled pipe).

Icon SPlitRepair Fittings

Sump leak repair vs equipment replacement provides obvious financial and operational advantages to the UST system owner and can be very profitable for the installing contractor.  Icon’s entire mission is to help the installer be profitable and still provide significant savings to the owner.

Without a doubt, the conditions for sump repair can be challenging as access is often very limiting.  When the sump is repairable, it can be completed successfully and efficiently with the correct applications and support.


Icon is exclusively focused on Sump Leak Repair Solutions. Icon’s expertise and range of solutions for any configuration of equipment is unmatched. Use Icon as a resource to develop a more profitable repair business.

Iconfitting 1 Iconfitting 2


Less installation time in the sump with more reasonable workmanship requirements, and the lowest net cost to completion


Icon direct replacement fitting designs and materials conform to EPA recognized Repair Standard (NLPA/KWA Standard 823) compatibility requirements


Solutions backed by the Lifetime Warranty on all fittings installed by an Icon Certified Installer


Icon’s #1 priority with Icon direct and ongoing training and technical support for the installer – from initial site survey through testing after successful installation.  Most fitting orders are shipped the same or next day from receipt of the order!

Icon fitting 3 Icon fitting 4

Icon PROTEX Flexible Compression-Seal Repair Fittings have never shown any degradation of material through all independent testing and field application.  And remember, PROTEX repair fittings can be installed in any ambient conditions and wet environments.


Icon Rigid Bonded-Seal Repair Fittings utilize IBOND structural bonder technology, which absorbs the kinetic energy from expansion/contraction, heave/settling, vibration, and shock movement in the pipe/sump connection better than any other bonded design, which also have never shown any degradation of material through all  independent testing and field application.


Icon PROTEX Flexible Compression-Seal Repair Fittings have never shown any degradation of material through all independent testing and field application. Discover all of the advantages of PROTEX today!


ICON Lifetime Warranty IconProtex  IconQualityAssured

Lifetime Warranty

Every Icon fitting is backed by the Life of Sump Warranty.


Made with PROTEX. Choose fitings designed to last.

Tested and Approved

Independently tested to exceed industry standards


Feel free to call us at 1.800.451.4021 or email us using the link below to

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Vendor Spotlight: Universal Valve – Protect Your Investment!

Universal Valve Retrofit Sump Covers Now Made in Stainless SteelUniversal Valve 1943 Stainless Steel Retrofit Sump Lid

Universal Valve Sump Retro Fit Cover Kit is designed to stop water before it becomes an environmental, equipment, and cost issue. Save time and money with Universal’s Retrofit Cover.Universal Valve 1943 Kit

      • No need to break concrete
      • Stainless Steel construction will not degrade or deteriorate over time
      • Only 2 measurements needed to order (sump opening & manway above sump)
      • Quick and easy installation (can be installed in under 15 minutes)
        Watch Installation Video

    Universal Valve 1943 Retrofit Sump Lid Install in Sump

    • No messy epoxies or glues needed means no waiting for them to cure and dry
    • Out of round sumps are not a problem as our 4″ wide ring makes working with egg shape opening sumps easy

Water deteriorates the equipment in the sump shortening the life of electronics, pumps and metal fittings. Creating maintenance problems when connections are rusted shut, wires become brittle and subject to shorting when moved. With Universal’s Stainless Steel Retrofit Sump Cover these issues can be alleviated.

Standard Available Model 1943 Retrofit Sump Lids
Model Range of Sump Openings Inner Manway ID Opening Required Height Weight
1943-2128 20.5” to 28.5” 29.5” 3.25” 42lbs
1943-2533 25” to 33.5” 34” 3.25” 50lbs
1943-2734 27” to 34.75” 34-3/4” 3.25” 58lbs
1943-3240 32” to 40” 41” 3.25” 65lbs
*Requires 5” or greater from the top of the sump riser to grade level manhole cover.Model 1943-2533 fits most 36” manways.
Model 1943 Replacement Parts
Part Numbers : Description Part Numbers : Description
1943-06-WHT : Monitor Cover/Ring Assembly 1943-PK : Replacement Knobs
1943-TB : Turnbuckles 1943-TUBE : Cross Bars
1943-TenB : Tension Block 1943-2128-G : Gasket
1943-2533-G : Gasket 1943-2734-G : Gasket
1943-3240-G : Gasket 1943-GK : Cover Gasket

Universal Valve Model 1983 U-Shaped Pipe Guards

Pipe Guards & Bollards Ready to Ship!

Pipe Guards & Bollards are a great way to protect property and expensive dispensers from traffic collisions. They are also a great way to create a safety perimeter.

Pipe Guards & BollardsUniversal Valve Model 1984 Straight Bollards

  • Constructed from Schedule 40 pipe
  • Available in primed black carbon steel or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Baseplates available for installs where concrete does not need to be broken
  • Optional PVC Sleeves for easy installation and replacement
  • Bollard Covers available to match station or building facades
  • Custom Sizes Available
Standard Available Model 1983 U-Shaped Pipe Guards
Model Description
(Width is outside pipe dimension)
Weight (lbs.)
1983-353656 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 36”w x 56”h 70.00
1983-354153 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 41”w x 53”h 70.00
1983-354850 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 48”w x 50”h 70.00
1983-403656 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 36”w x 56”h 86.00
1983-404153 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 41”w x 53”h 86.00
1983-404174 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 41”w x 74”h 130.00
1983-404354 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 43”w x 54”h 86.00
1983-404851 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 48”w x 51”h 86.00
1983-404951 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 49”w x 51”h 86.00
1983-353656-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 36”w x 56”h 70.00
1983-354153-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 41”w x 53”h 70.00
1983-354850-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 48”w x 50”h 70.00
Standard Available Model 1984 UStraight Bollards
Model Diameter Length
1984-4063 4.0” 63”
1984-4084 4.0” 84”
1984-6063 6.625” 63”
1984-6084 6.625” 84”
1984-4063-SS 4.0” 63”
1984-4084-SS 4.0” 84”
1984-6063-SS 6.625” 63”
1984-6084-SS 6.625” 84”

Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Bollard CoversModel 1984-BC Bollard Covers

Bollard covers enhance and protect the appearance of bumper post steel bollards in all indoor and outdoor applications. Bollard covers are constructed from 1/8″ thick Polyethylene Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Spec Dimensions(HDPE and MDPE) and 3M #680 reflective tape for durability and long service life.

✔ 10 Standard colors
✔ 7 Reflective tape colors
✔ 8 Standard sizes for 4”, 6”, 8”, & 10”
✔ Patented GripperTabs™ installation is the fastest and easiest way to secure bollard covers

• 1/8” thick Polyethylene
• 3M 680 reflective tape

Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Bollard Cover Lineup There are a multitude of color and size options available; too many to list here! Click on this text or the image to the left to see the sample selection we have online of the most popular selling at this time.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 1.800.238.1225 or email us today!

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Universal!

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Franklin Fueling Systems – KNOW YOUR FUEL SYSTEM

Know Your Fuel System…Or everything you ever wanted to know about a fuel system but were afraid to ask…

Franklin Fueling Systems provides a rudimentary understanding of a fuel system and takes the complex orchestration of the entire system to break it down to the basics in this nicely animated video.  This is a great learning tool to put in front of new people entering the industry to quickly get them up to speed on what happens underground or for those curious to learn and understand more about the entire system; whether they sell, install or service equipment or own / work at a gas station.

And after you check out the video, be sure to check out the various links below to Franklin Fueling products found in the JWK Webstore as well as the great resources at FranklinFueling.com.



FFSPRO Site Builder FFSPRO Advantage FFSPRO Verify FFSPRO University



Be sure to check out our ever-expanding product offerings and great deals from Franklin Fueling’s many brands found in our webstore.


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Latest “Let’s Be Frank” Podcasts from Franklin Fueling

Let's Be Frank with Kali Kinziger

Here are the latest episodes from Franklin Fueling’s Let’s Be Frank podcasts
hosted by Kali Kinziger.



Let’s Be Frank podcasts are perfect to introduce newbies to the petroleum equipment industry; from the latest products, new technology, install and maintenance tips and tricks to brushing up on the latest industry trends.




Here are 4 more episodes from Kali and Let’s Be Frank:


FFS PRO with Loren SwalheimWith over a decade of experience on jobsites all over the world, Loren Swalheim (Director, Technical Services) has pretty much seen it all. In this episode, we explore the FFS PRO® suite of services that are powered by Franklin Fueling Systems’ technical expertise and break down how distributors and installers can utilize the tools to make their jobs easier.

UL 2447 with Anna OgurekWhat is UL 2447? How does it affect your business? Anna Ogurek and I talk about what this UL certification means, the products it effects, and how Franklin Fueling Systems provides the widest offering of UL 2447 listed products in the industry.

Carbon Series with Anna OgurekThis week I sit down with Anna Ogurek to talk about our new Carbon Series(TM) single and double wall fiberglass dispenser sumps. Hear how the new manufacturing techniques and interstitial monitoring options are making them the most versatile dispenser sumps in the industry.

NOTE:  The Carbon Series Dispenser Sumps will be featured in the Franklin Fueling booth at the John W. Kennedy Company’s Forging Relationships Trade Show on March 27th & 28th.

You can also find Franklin’s Carbon Series dispenser sumps and accessories on the Kennedy eCommerce website here.

Regulation Navigation with Gary SaltzThis week’s theme is Regulation Navigation! The Underground Storage Tank Federal regulations by the EPA went into effect on October 13th, 2018. Are you complying? Gary Saltz and I navigate through these regulations to help you understand what your options are and how to stay in compliance.




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OPW Introduces the ElectroTite Tank Sump – No Drill DRY Sump Technology

OPW ElectroTite - Is your site underwater? OPW is proud to introduce their newest Watertight Wonder, the ElectroTite Tank Sump

Developed in the collaborative engineering labs of FlexWorks and Fibrelite, OPW’s latest tank sump innovation is the most watertight system on the planet and features no drill dry sump technology. The ElectroTite ships factory-installed with conduit ports and an electrical wiring box, which eliminates tank sump leak points at site installation.

By becoming conduit-entry-fitting-free, the market’s most watertight tank sump is now the most innovative. Extremely versatile, the ElectroTite is available in a wide variety of models to accommodate virtually any tank sump application.

A few of the many innovative features and benefits include:

  • Sealed conduit threads on outside of sump – enter above water table.
  • UL-Listed, explosion-proof junction box allows space to reroute. communication wires and loop additional sensors without entering sump. Junction box is also used for wiring seal off.
  • The “Kwik Wire” junction box is partitioned and allows for high voltage and sensor wires in same box.
  • Reduces the number of entry and leak points into sump.

In the meantime, check out the ElectroTite resources below:


ElectroTite Data Sheet


The sump will be on display at the PEI-NACS show in Las Vegas, October 7-10. Stop by the OPW booth (7021) at the show and see the sump in person and talk with the OPW team about this exciting new innovation!

Please feel free to contact us as well with any questions about the ElectroTite tank sump or any other OPW product at 1.800.451.4021.

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3 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know about the 2018 EPA Regulations

Our friends at OPW would just like to kindly remind everyone that the EPA’s new Environmental Testing Regulations go into full effect on October 13, 2018, and OPW has a full line of products that are compatible with the 4 major regulatory requirements for new and existing Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems.

Watch the video below and learn more at opwglobal.com/epa-regulations!


Check out our blog post from August 2018, Are You Ready?? The Cost of Non-Compliance: You Can’t Afford It, containing OPW’s infographic that covers the history of UST Regulations.

You can find many of OPW’s great products in our web store and if you don’t find what you are looking for there or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1.800.238.1225. 

Click on the logos below to explore OPW products online:






OPW Retail Fueling Components




OPW Fuel Management Systems





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Are You Ready?? The Cost of Non-Compliance: You Can’t Afford It

Are You Ready??

October 13 is a significant date for retail-fueling operators across the U.S. That’s when latest EPA regulations go into full effect regarding the testing and maintenance of UST equipment and systems. And if you’re not compliant, the penalties can be fierce.  Click on the above image to view the “Are You Ready?” video.  You will have to provide your name to view the video.

Check out OPW’s exclusive infographic for reality check on the “Cost of Non-Compliance” below.

Please feel free to contact us at 1.800.451.4021 with any questions about the October 13, 2018 EPA regulations, whether you are in compliance and how OPW products and the John W. Kennedy Company can ensure that you are!

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OPW Introduces the FibreTite Tank Sump

OPW FibreTite Tank SumpFibreTite Tank SumpsFibreTite Tank Sumps

OPW will be phasing out the FlexWorks® TSMF/TSDF tank sump series at the end of August 2018 to make way for their latest line of tank sumps.

From the engineering labs of FLEXWORKS® and FIBRELITE, OPW has made the best even better. Meet the newest member of the FibreTite Family of sumps, the most watertight sumps on the market today.

Designed to meet all the new 2018 EPA UST regulations

OPW FibreTite tank sumps function as a liquid-tight isolation container providing secondary containment for tank fittings valves, pumps and FlexWorks® or Fiberglass pipe fittings.

FibreTite provides surface access to the tank itself, as well as a clean and dry environment for future service and maintenance. The height-adjustable top-hat accommodates different tank bury depths.

Dimensions:OPW RK-5000 Resin Kit

OPW FibreTite Tank Sump DimensionsAt this time, OPW offers 10 different configurations of the FibreTite tank sump.  You can get the FibreTite tank sump in either a 42″ or 48″ diameter with a 33″ or 37″ diameter lid and a height range of 33.5″ to 53″. The sump can be configured with either a solid bottom or collar mount design.

Additional RK-5000 resin kits (sold separately) are required to attach the top hat and collar ring.  The additional quantities needed will depend on the FibreTite tank sump configuration you purchase.

The Kennedy Company’s most popular selling TSMF/TSDF series tank sump at this time is the TSMF-4536 medium burial version and will be directly replaced with the FibreTite FTSM-4233CR medium burial fiberglass tank sump with  collar ring mount, which can be found by clicking here.

View the OPW FibreTite Tank Sump catalog page.


If you would like to learn more about the OPW FibreTite fiberglass tank sumps, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.451.4021!



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