The Numbers Don’t Lie: OPW’s ElectroTite Has Optimized Tank-Sump Water Tightness

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OPW ElectroTite - Is your site underwater? OPW’s Watertight Wonder, the ElectroTite Tank Sump

Tank sumps are critical components in the fueling systems at retail and commercial fueling sites in their role as isolation chambers that provide secondary containment for tank fittings, valves and submersible pumps, along with easy access to the storage tank itself for service and maintenance. Since the creation of underground fuel-storage systems, however, fuel-site operators have waged a constant battle against water intrusion into their tank sumps.

This is a major concern as water that enters a tank sump can trip alarms, cause microbial growth, induce rusting of metal parts and, in the worst-case scenario, invade the fuel that is contained in the underground storage tank (UST), which will compromise its quality. Preventing water intrusion is so difficult because there are a number of ways it can enter the tank sump and fuel-storage system: through leaking tank-sump lids; cracks in sump walls; damaged entry fittings; and, most commonly, through conduit runs.

When water intrusion does occur and an alarm is tripped, the sound that accompanies it may as well be the ringing of a cash register, since the site operator will soon be reaching for his or her checkbook in order to pay not only for the service call, but for a pump out of the tank sump. The cost for the following hypothetical pump out example is based on conversations with the service manager of a United States UST service and installation company based on the East Coast:

Sump Pump Out Cost Calculator

Activity Input Cost
Labor Hours 4 hours $358.00
Travel Miles ($0.85/mi) 65 miles $55.25
Vacuum Trailer Rental Fee 1 $75.00
Gal/Petroleum-Containing Waste (PCW); $1.80/gal 350 gallons $630.00
TOTAL COST $1,118.25

The costs, miles and hours for a pump out will obviously vary from site to site, but the price for this average example – multiplied by the 15-20 pump outs per UST, on average, that can occur annually at a fueling site – will result in an exorbitantly high cost to remediate water-intrusion events, with many fuel-site operators unable to reconcile this expense.

To The Rescue

The year 2017 will be looked back on as a landmark one for fuel-site operators in their constant battle against tank-sump water intrusion. It was then that OPW Retail Fueling, Smithfield, NC,  introduced the revolutionary ElectroTite No-Drill Tank Sump to the market. What made ElecroTite a true game-changer was its status as the industry’s first and only tank sump that featured factory-installed conduit ports with an integrated electrical wiring junction box. This allows the sump to be installed as-is at the fueling site, with no intrusive drilling required. This feature eliminates the risk that unintended leak points will result due to the drilling of entry points, while also optimizing installation time.

Other beneficial features of the ElectroTite tank sumps include:

  • Water Tightness
    • Sealed conduits are located above the water table
    • Elimination of all conduit entry fittings
    • Reduced entry points lower number of potential leak points
  • Accessibility
    • Conduit lines can be installed, inspected and repaired through the top of the sump
    • Can access wiring box for inspection without entering confined sump area
  • Versatility
    • Explosion-proof junction box allows space to reroute or daisy-chain communication wires to spill containers and tank monitors, eliminating additional conduit runs to the tank field
    • Electrical shield allows positioning of high- and low-voltage sensor wires in same box
    • Conduit can be potted entering box, exiting box, or both
  • Consolidation
    • Will replace up to six:
      • Conduit entry fittings
      • Conduit sealoffs
      • Explosion-proof junction boxes

The bottom line is that the design and operation of ElectroTite tank sumps make it the most watertight system available, resulting in a fueling system that optimizes efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness, environmental protection and the safety of both the site and the customers who patronize it.

Seeing Is Believing

Of course, it’s easy to say that something is the best thing since sliced bread, but proving it is a different matter entirely. Well, after nearly four years of observation of in-the-field installations, the ElectroTite has more than lived up to its advance billing. The chart below compares tank-alarm remediation costs for two United States sites that have had ElectroTite tank sumps in operation for nearly four years to an average non-ElectroTite site:

# of Months Installed* 40 42 40
Total Tank Sump Alarms 0 1 48
Avg. Pump Outs/Month 0 0.024 1.2
Gals/PCW Removed 0 250 12,000
Cost to Remove PCW ($/gal) $1.80/gal $1.80 $1.80
Overall Tank-Sump Maintenance Cost $0.00 $450.00 $21,600.00

*-as of January 2021

Let’s take a closer look at the individual installations and the conditions the sumps have encountered:

  • Site 1: Three ElectroTite tank sumps were installed at this Midwestern U.S. site in November 2017, one each for unleaded gasoline, premium gasoline and diesel USTs. As you can see, this is turning out to be the poster child for the effectiveness of the ElectroTite tank sumps. In that time, not one single tank-sump alarm event has been recorded, resulting in zero cost for the overall maintenance of the sumps.
  • Site 2: Two ElectroTite tank sumps were installed at this Southeastern U.S. location that is situated near an extremely high water table in September 2018, one each on the unleaded and premium gasoline USTs. Since then, two alarm events have been recorded at the site (both on the unleaded sump in July 2018 and September 2020), but only one required a pump out.


Fuel-site operators have always had to keep water from intruding into their below-ground fuel-storage systems, but that has proven to be easier said than done. Until 2017, that is. With the introduction of no-drill tank-sump/conduit-less technology to the market, epitomized by OPW’s ElectroTite system, the battle against water intrusion is being won more often by site operators. The result is a fueling operation that can more reliably deliver uncompromised fuel to its customers while helping to make expensive, time-consuming and frustrating sump pump outs a welcome thing of the past.

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Omntec CLD Series| Portable Containment Sump Tester


…That sumps are required to be tested every 3 years for tightness according to EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 280.35?
Here area few links to check out the text of the regulation: and CLD Series Portable Sump Tester

Third-Party Certified For 15 Minute Test

The CLD Series Sump Tester is available in one to eight probe versions. Each system is conveniently stored in a durable case equipped with wheels for ease and accessibility.  Pull up, set up, and test in as quick as 15 minutes. Results print out and can be stored internally.

Each system includes:

  • (1) Case with wheels
  • (1) PROTEUS OEL8000III-CLD* microprocessor-based controller with printer
  • (1) RS-232 port
  • (*) MTG-probe input connectors (1 per probe)
  • (*) MTG-probes with suspension chains with “s” hooks (1 per probe)
  • (*) 50ft MTG-probe cables (1 per probe)
  • (1) 12ft three-pronged power cord
    *quantities reflect CLD Series version purchased (ie. CLD 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 6 7, & 8)
CLD Series Model Options
(includes all components above – click model # to see in our web store)
CLD3 – 3 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD4 – 4 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD6 – 6 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe
CLD8 – 8 MTG probes w/ 2″ stainless steel float per probe

Omntec CLD Series Sample Print Out


  • Third-Party Certified
  • Ease in programming
  • Tests are stored within the on-board microSD card
  • Flexibility and adaptability to different State and Federal regulations
  • Easy to understand graphical touch-screen display prompts

Omntec CLD Series O - M Manual
CLD Series
O & M Manual
Omntec CLD Series Product Brochure
CLD Series
Product Brochure
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3 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know about the 2018 EPA Regulations

Our friends at OPW would just like to kindly remind everyone that the EPA’s new Environmental Testing Regulations go into full effect on October 13, 2018, and OPW has a full line of products that are compatible with the 4 major regulatory requirements for new and existing Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems.

Watch the video below and learn more at!


Check out our blog post from August 2018, Are You Ready?? The Cost of Non-Compliance: You Can’t Afford It, containing OPW’s infographic that covers the history of UST Regulations.

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Are You Ready?? The Cost of Non-Compliance: You Can’t Afford It

Are You Ready??

October 13 is a significant date for retail-fueling operators across the U.S. That’s when latest EPA regulations go into full effect regarding the testing and maintenance of UST equipment and systems. And if you’re not compliant, the penalties can be fierce.  Click on the above image to view the “Are You Ready?” video.  You will have to provide your name to view the video.

Check out OPW’s exclusive infographic for reality check on the “Cost of Non-Compliance” below.

Please feel free to contact us at 1.800.451.4021 with any questions about the October 13, 2018 EPA regulations, whether you are in compliance and how OPW products and the John W. Kennedy Company can ensure that you are!

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Universal Valve’s Hottest Products With The Coolest Prices!!


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1999-2844 Universal Valve Bumper Board
1999-2844 28″ x 44″ Bumper Board with U-Bolt Mounting Box
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1975-FA34-SS Universal Valve Post Pount Air Tower


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Universal Valve 4




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OPW Introduces New Fiberglass Wide Access Dispenser Sump

OPW 125 Years

OPW  has introduced a new fiberglass wide access dispenser sump; the DSF-1741C is  for larger Wayne Helix 5000 Model dispensers.



The many features and benefits of this sump include:OPW_DSF-1741C

  • Conduitless Design: The fiberglass base and metal cap and frame are designed to direct conduit into the dispenser along the side of the sump to avoid requiring additional entry boot penetrations
  • Multi-Product Flexibility: The wide sump surface area is designed to accommodate up to 4 product lines into the sump
  • Structural Integrity: Engineered with thick side walls to withstand backfill and high water table forces.  Precise glass and resin metering throughout the molding process ensures material consistency and maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio
  • Smooth Sealing Surfaces for Leak-Tight Sump Entry Fittings: Our fully enclosed molding manufacturing method produces a uniform wall thickness while eliminating air entrapment.  The result is a flat, smooth finish, both inside and out, which provides leak-tight pipe entries

Sump Dimensions & Price

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A Word From Universal Valve About Spill Prevention

Universal Spill PreventionThe following has been reproduced from Universal Valve email dated 12/15/2016

Unfortunately, environmental Hazards are located all over the forecourt, not just the fill area. By using a spill container, we can protect the environment at the fill location. But what about all the other tank risers, and access points? In a perfect world, every tank fill situation will go as planned and not a drop of fuel will hit the environment. Yet history shows that proper planning is needed for when things do not go as planned.

The new EPA rules help make sure sites are checked and operated properly. But what happens when a tank is overfilled and the perfect storm arises? There are other access points to contend with that could leak petroleum directly into the environment. Here are three common tank access risers that need attention.Universal Valve 70C Spill Container

  • Vapor recovery risers. Typically, a spill container with no drain is the ideal solution. Eliminating the drain is ideal. There is less of a chance of water entering the tank with no drain.
    • Check Out Universal Spills such as the 70C-1212



  • Tank Monitoring risers. Standard spill containers are not the ideal solution here. Using a tank monitoring spill container offers electrical conduit hookups while creating water tight solutions for incoming ground water and environmental protection from tank overfills.





  • Universal JH69-4 Stick Port FlapperStick Port Risers. Standard spill containers work well here. Like the vapor recovery container no need for a drain valve. Be sure to use a cap and adapter on the riser that is clearly marked “DO NOT FILL”. Installing a stick port flapper helps reduce vapors through the riser when removing the cap.





  • Be sure to mark all of these spill containers clearly for their purpose. Marking the lids is not the only place you’d want to mark the container. Adding a concrete marker next to the unit is a safe bet. It eliminates the problem of the lids being crossed up and/or replaced with a non-marked lid.

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