OPW University: Retail Fueling Basics Video Series

OPW University
OPW Has Releases 3-Part Video Series; “Retail Fueling Basics (101-Level Training)”

Edward Kammerer

OPW’s own industry veteran, Edward Kammerer
guides you through this video series meant for both
industry veterans and those new to retail fueling
equipment and environments.

OPW Retail Fueling BasicsYou can also download the workbook
to go along with the videos here.


In Part I of this series, Ed will discuss underground storage tanks, overfill & spill protection, coaxial, dual point- and multi-port fuel drops and Stage I vapor recovery


In Part II of this series, Ed walks you through how fuel moves from the UST to the fueling island. He will introduce you to piping, entry fittings and double wall containment systems.


In Part III of this series, Ed discusses what’s at the dispenser; containment sumps, shear valves hanging hardware and other equipment.

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3 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know about the 2018 EPA Regulations

Our friends at OPW would just like to kindly remind everyone that the EPA’s new Environmental Testing Regulations go into full effect on October 13, 2018, and OPW has a full line of products that are compatible with the 4 major regulatory requirements for new and existing Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems.

Watch the video below and learn more at opwglobal.com/epa-regulations!


Check out our blog post from August 2018, Are You Ready?? The Cost of Non-Compliance: You Can’t Afford It, containing OPW’s infographic that covers the history of UST Regulations.

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What you need to know to be EPA compliant by the Oct. 13, 2018 Deadline

OPW - EPA CompliantOPW’s Guide To 2018 EPA Regulations

Get compliant and avoid fierce penalties!

OPW has put together a quick reference guide for everything you need to know to be compliant with the new EPA testing requirements.

Download OPW’s EPA Regulations guide to gain access to information from brochures, videos and articles to help you prepare for the October 13, 2018 compliance deadline.  Please be sure to indicate the specific OPW EPA-Compliant testable products for which you would like to receive additional information.

7 Ways Your Underground Fueling System can Save You MoneyAside from getting some background on why the new regulation exists, who and what it affects, specifics about testing and what happens for non-compliance, it also includes 7 Ways Your Underground Fueling System Can Save You Money.

So download your copy of OPW’s EPA Regulations guide today!

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