Veeder-Root Product Update: California TLS-450PLUS In-Station Diagnostic Software Released

Veeder-Root Releases The California In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) TLS-450PLUS Console Software


Veeder-Root is committed to providing the best-in-class products and critical equipment needed by the industry. The purpose of this notification is to announce the recent Executive Order approval for the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) with In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) and Pressure Management Control (PMC) Systems from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as of July 28, 2023.

With the announcement of the End of Sale of the TLS-350 ATG in the past year, this approval provides customers in the California market the opportunity to purchase the advanced TLS-450PLUS platform. The TLS-450PLUS ISD system provides the reliability of the TLS-350 ISD system with the latest technology in data security, connectivity, data-logging for reporting, as well as auto notifications when a site condition changes via the ATG LCD screen, email, or remote alarm management.

Targeted Market: California, US
California USA

Order Details

If you are building a new location or simply want to upgrade your TLS-350 ATG, Veeder-Root has created a simplified ordering process to ensure you have the basics to meet the Executive Order for Enhance Vapor Recovery requirements.

Product Update Notification California In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) TLS-450PLUS Console Software Release


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Streamlining Transactions and Enhancing Efficiency: How POS Systems Transform Gas Station Businesses

As a gas station owner, you’d want to enhance your operations to provide a hassle-free experience to your customers. If you want to improve customer service, it’s time to invest in POS systems. It’s no secret that the adoption of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems has revolutionized how gas stations operate, streamlining transactions and boosting efficiency.

Continue reading this blog to explore the massive impact of POS systems on gas station businesses.

Quick Transactions

One of the most significant benefits of implementing a POS system in gas stations is the improvement in speed and convenience during the fueling process.

With a POS system, customers can make contactless payments through credit cards or mobile payment applications. It eliminates the need to handle cash, reducing transaction time significantly. These systems are designed to handle a high volume of transactions simultaneously, allowing multiple customers to refuel swiftly.

The added convenience of paying directly at the pump also contributes to a positive customer experience. Drivers no longer need to wait an eternity for their payment to be processed.

Efficient Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a critical aspect of any gas station business. Keeping track of fuel levels, convenience store products, and other equipment is essential to avoid shortage, overstocking, and potential revenue losses. POS systems have revolutionized inventory management for gas station businesses by providing real-time data analytics.

Modern POS systems are integrated with inventory management software that monitors fuel levels continuously. When fuel decreases in your tanks, the system generates automatic alerts to notify station managers to reorder. It prevents fuel shortages, ensuring customers can always find the fuel they need at your station.

Analytical features of POS systems provide invaluable insights into consumer behavior and product preferences. You can use the data to make effective strategies regarding inventory selection, pricing policies, and promotional offers. Gas station businesses can minimize costs and maximize revenue by aligning the inventory with customer demand.

A self-checkout POS system

Building Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is crucial for the long-term success of any business. You can use POS systems to implement robust customer loyalty programs that incentivize repeat visits and boost brand loyalty.

These systems enable the creation of loyalty cards or apps that customers can use to accumulate points or receive discounts on fuel purchases. By offering personalized rewards based on their preferences, your gas station can strengthen the relationship with customers and encourage them to choose your station over competitors.POS systems store valuable customer data like contact details and purchase history, which you can use to start targeted marketing campaigns.

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