Veeder-Root TSN: Network Security Reminder

Veeder-Root Takes Network Security VERY Seriously!


Offering the best in class tools to prevent cyberattacks, Veeder-Root Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUSrecommends network ‘best practices’ such as:

  • Utilize separate network ports on the TLS-450PLUS ATG
  • Configure network routing tables
  • Changing network port numbers
  • Add a serial command security code to harden remote access and prevent un-authorized access to Veeder-Root ATG

TIP: Veeder-Root recommends that ASCs review and implement these ‘best practices’ for network security with their customers, when installing a new console or setting up a network port.

IMPORTANTCustomers on older TLS-350 ATG systems should consider either upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS or utilizing extra network firewall equipment.

TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 Series ATGs

The TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 Series ATGs come with security features allowing for greater protection and control of access to the ATG than legacy consoles. Features such as configurable user access and segmented network ports help ensure both network and front-panel security. To learn more about these features and how to set them up, please see our TLS4 Series Security Settings Technical Support Notice.

TLS-3XX Series ATGs

Please refer to the following manuals for security setup instructions:

READ THE FULL Technical Support Notification HERE:Veeder-Root Network Security Reminder TSN

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Gasboy End Of Life Notification: Islander PLUS

Gasboy Islander PLUSThe Islander PLUS and ICR PLUS Products Have Reached Their End Of Life.

Previous Gasboy notifications stated support for the Islander PLUS and ICR PLUS was communicated as follows:

Spare Parts Support ending = 4/30/2022
Help Desk Support ending = 4/30/2029

As of April 2022, Gasboy has exceeded the spare part commitment for Islander PLUS and due to the availability of raw materials, spare parts for Islander PLUS have become difficult to manufacture and source. While Gasboy continues to work hard to continue providing spare parts where feasible;they are not able to guarantee parts availability.

For those interested in upgrading to the latest and greatest Gasboy technology, check out the Islander PRIME. Not only does it have better performance and reliability, it is completely backwards compatible with the Islander PLUS!

Islander EMV PRIME: Payment System For Islander and ICR PRIME® Fleet Fuel Management System

Gasboy EMV Payment for Islander and ICR PRIME
• Insert style Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) reads both chip and magnetic stripe cards
• 16 key pin pad with graphic display and anti-tamper features
• The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant
• Certified for EMV credit transactions on all major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover
• Accepts fleet cards including WEX, Voyager, Fuelman
• Accepts proprietary magnetic stripe cards
• Approved on the National Bankcard Services (NBS) Payment Network

Available for new Gasboy systems and field retrofits

• New Islander and Island Card Reader (ICR) PRIME available with the factory-installed EMV option, including hybrid card reader and pin pad
• EMV retrofits for currently installed Islander/ICR PRIME systems

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Gilbarco Product End Of Life Notification: Legacy Electronic Series Pump

Gilbarco Legacy DispenserGilbarco has announced the end of life for the Legacy series electronic dispensers.

The Last Time to Buy (LTB) deadline has been set for December 9, 2022 with ship dates that may be scheduled until March 10, 2023. Orders are non-cancellable and ship dates can not be scheduled beyond March 10, 2023. All other Gilbarco Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the LTB.

See the table below for Gilbarco’s recommended Encore and Atlas replacements for the Legacy:

Legacy Model Number Legacy Description Gasboy Atlas Recommended Sub Option Item Number Encore Series Recommended Sub Option Item Number
JHA000 Single Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853S10-0D EN-500NA0-N1
JHA100 Dual Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N2
JHA200 Dual Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D EN-500NA1-N1
JHA400 Dual Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N1
JHA500 Dual Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D N/A
JHB310 Single Master Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853S10-0D EN-500NP3-N1
JHB410 Dual Master Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N2
JHB510 Dual Master Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D EN-500NP3-N1
JHB600 Single Master Dispenser, 1-Product N/A EN-500NP3-N1
JHB800 Dual Master Dispenser, 2-Product N/A EN-500NP6-N1
JHC310 High Flow Single Satellite, 1-Product A9-216S1F-0P EN-500NP5-N1
JHC510 High Flow Dual Satellite, 2-Product N/A N/A
JHC600 Ultra-Hi Single Satellite, 1-Product N/A EN-500NP5-N1
JHC800 Ultra-Hi Dual Satellite, 2-Product N/A EN-500NP8-N1
JHD510 Master/Satellite Combo Dispenser N/A EN-500NP4-N2
JHD800 Master/Satellite Combo Dispenser N/A EN-500NP4-N2

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3 Innovative Gas Station Products You Should Know About

With the rising crime rate and increasing inflation, many gas station owners in the country face unprecedented challenges in the industry. Amidst such a crisis, gas station owners must find a way to tackle the growing challenges in the gas retail industry.

As a gas station owner, you can either stick with traditional methods and products to run your business or invest in innovative gas station products. But which is the better option? We recommend getting cutting-edge gas station accessories from a reliable petroleum equipment distributor to increase your productivity.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about innovative gas station products.

OPW Auto Pressure Sensitive Nozzle

If you want to run a successful gas station, you must stay up-to-date on the latest products and trends. One innovative product you should know about is the OPW auto pressure fuel nozzle. The helpful accessory can make filling up customers’ vehicles easier and faster, which can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.

The auto pressure fuel nozzle is an excellent option for busy gas stations. It automatically shuts off when there’s no fuel pressure, so you don’t have to worry about overfilling or spills. It can help save time and prevent accidents. Plus, it’s easy to use―customers simply attach the nozzle to their gas tank and fill up as usual.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your gas station, consider investing in an auto pressure fuel nozzle. It’s a small change that can make a massive difference in your business!

Emco Wheaton Dual Point Overfill Prevention Valve

The dual point overfill prevention valve is an exceptional gas station accessory developed by Emco Wheaton. The valve is made from aluminum which amplifies its strength. You can use it for hose drainage to prevent delays. You’ll be surprised to know that this valve has a vertical slide float design that provides extensive protection when you’re installing it. You can also use the valve for both coaxial drop and dual point tubes.

Non-Discriminating Piping Sump Sensor

Want to accurately detect liquid fuel in a containment sump? If so, you must get a non-discriminating piping sump sensor. We recommend checking the fuel compatibility of the sensor before purchasing one.

A high-quality sump sensor is usually compatible with various fuels, including diesel, gas, kerosene, green diesel, aviation gas, and motor oil. These sensors have an alarm notification that can alert you about the state of fuel in the containment sump.

Connect With An Experienced Petroleum Equipment Distributor

Looking to get your hands on top-class gas station accessories? You’ve come to the right place! At John W. Kennedy Company, we’ve been supplying excellent gas station products to our esteemed clients since 2003. We’ve collaborated with global petroleum brands like OPW, Gilbarco, Emco Wheaton, and many more to provide our clients with state-of-the-art petroleum equipment.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team for more details.