Gasboy End Of Life Notification: Islander PLUS

Gasboy Islander PLUSThe Islander PLUS and ICR PLUS Products Have Reached Their End Of Life.

Previous Gasboy notifications stated support for the Islander PLUS and ICR PLUS was communicated as follows:

Spare Parts Support ending = 4/30/2022
Help Desk Support ending = 4/30/2029

As of April 2022, Gasboy has exceeded the spare part commitment for Islander PLUS and due to the availability of raw materials, spare parts for Islander PLUS have become difficult to manufacture and source. While Gasboy continues to work hard to continue providing spare parts where feasible;they are not able to guarantee parts availability.

For those interested in upgrading to the latest and greatest Gasboy technology, check out the Islander PRIME. Not only does it have better performance and reliability, it is completely backwards compatible with the Islander PLUS!

Islander EMV PRIME: Payment System For Islander and ICR PRIME® Fleet Fuel Management System

Gasboy EMV Payment for Islander and ICR PRIME
• Insert style Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) reads both chip and magnetic stripe cards
• 16 key pin pad with graphic display and anti-tamper features
• The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant
• Certified for EMV credit transactions on all major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover
• Accepts fleet cards including WEX, Voyager, Fuelman
• Accepts proprietary magnetic stripe cards
• Approved on the National Bankcard Services (NBS) Payment Network

Available for new Gasboy systems and field retrofits

• New Islander and Island Card Reader (ICR) PRIME available with the factory-installed EMV option, including hybrid card reader and pin pad
• EMV retrofits for currently installed Islander/ICR PRIME systems

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