Vendor Spotlight: Introducing Freedom Electronics

Freedom ElectronicsThe Kennedy Company Proudly Adds Freedom Electronics To Our Webstore

These days, retail gas stations are almost forced to run on low margins and keep expenses down to stay profitable due to the highly competitive nature of the business. It’s always nice to have affordable options when needed repairs come down the pike to the equipment that provides your bread and butter.  This is also true for those small service companies and independent service technicians that don’t have big operating budgets as well.

 Freedom Electronics provides re-manufactured, repaired, and re-engineered parts & products for the fuel dispenser, tank monitoring and point of sale (POS) systems that are used in C-Stores across the US and Canada at very reasonable prices.

Freedom Electronic PrintersFreedom Electronics provides over 2,300 SKUs* to 600+ customers. If we don’t have it in stock or you can’t find it on the John W. Kennedy website, it is likely that Freedom Electronics has it in stock and we can get it for you!

Matter of fact, if we don’t have it in stock and you order directly through our site or call us at 1.800.238.1225 by 1:30PM Eastern Time, Freedom Electronics ships 80% of all orders the same day!

Freedom Electronics Re-Manufacturing Process



Total Quality Program – Systemized Re-manufacturing process has been engineered for the highest quality levels, with standardized repair processes, computerized testing equipment and cross-checking process by a Quality Control Technician before it is shipped or put into stock.




Freedom Electronics -Kennesaw, GA


Freedom Electronics was founded in 1998, has grown to offer a 21,000 square foot facility equipped with state-of-the art re-manufacturing, testing, and fulfillment systems and processes. To support their continued growth, they recently added an additional 6,000 square feet.





Thanks to their proven expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust Freedom Electronics to supply and support new and expertly re-manufactured parts that ensure uninterrupted revenue generation while minimizing costly downtime.


* Editor’s Note: We have only recently begun populating both our system and eCommerce site with Freedom Electronics products, beginning with their most popular choices.  Do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.238.1225 if you can not find what you are looking!

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!



Technical Support Notification: Release Of EMR4 Software Version C06

Veeder-Root has released version C06 software for the EMR4. The resources contained below include a link to the software, as well as, technical support and marketing information for the release.







Please contact Veeder-Root Technical Support with any questions regarding this notification – 1-800-323-1799,


The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!



EMV October 2020 Deadline: Running Out Of Time!!

NACS Hourglass

Ignoring the October 2020 deadline for EMV at the pump could cost you more than upgrading

The October 2020 deadline to upgrade your equipment to the EMV standard is just around the corner and will be here before you know it!  If you haven’t addressed your EMV needs as of yet, you should start right now!  Not only will there be a crunch on equipment as the deadline approaches, there will be an even bigger crunch on the available service companies and technicians qualified to perform your required upgrades before you hit the deadline wall of October 2020!

Missing this deadline will be very costly to those who don’t act at all.  Don’t expect the deadline to be pushed out again as there is extreme concern by consumers when it comes to the security of their personal information and the credit card companies are listening!  But more importantly to retailers is the HUGE liability shift of chargebacks from the credit card companies to YOU, the retailers who don’t upgrade; that’s a financial hit that will certainly be felt immediately. Currently, gas stations and c-stores are some of the weakest links in the chain at this time for being non-EMV compliant and with the plethora of information available on all matters related to EMV, there is no reason to hesitate any longer.Jerry Soverinsky

Jerry Soverinsky, a contributor to NACS Magazine has a great article in the December 2019 issue (click here to see the PDF of Jerry’s article).  Jerry points out the associated costs for those who wait and those who ignore the deadline, which could very likely cost you more than the upgrade itself!  Jerry’s article is quite the read and very worth a look if you are weighing the options of upgrading now or waiting. The article has facts, figures and some great graphs to lay out what’s at stake.

EMV Preparedness


Another great resource is Gilbarco’s EMV Migration Guide containing:

  • EMV Migration Checklist
  • EMV Overview
  • Forecourt Payment Products
  • EMV Upgrade Process
  • Reimage Kit Options
  • High-Speed Site Connectivity
  • And more…



And of course, the John W. Kennedy Company is here to help with your migration by offering you the best options from the leader in EMV Forecourt and Point Of Sale technology:
Gilbarco Veeder-RootClick on the images below to get an overview of some of your options

Pumps & Dispensers
Passport Point of Sale
Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale
Forecourt Payment Options
Gilbarco Forecourt Payment Options
Forecourt Merchandising
Gilbarco Forecourt Merchandising Options

To learn even more about Gilbarco EMV Product and Upgrade Options, call us at



The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!