It’s Time To Upgrade Your Passport® POS Operating System

GoodbyeWindows 7 Logo Windows 7!

Gilbarco’s Passport® Point-of-Sale (POS) System software versions 12.03 and prior utilize Windows 7 as the operating system (OS).

Microsoft is ending support of Windows 7* and will no longer provide:
  • Software Updates
  • Application Patches
  • Security Updates
  • Technical Support

Gilbarco Veeder-RootHow this affects your Passport POS System

Your Passport POS System will continue to function, but your operating system (OS) Combo/Server will not be optimized or receive updates.

Introducing Windows 10 Logo Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system is now required with all Passport POS systems and is included beginning with version 20.

Windows 10 provides Better Performance with Solid-State Drives (SSD)
• 75% FASTER reboots
• 60% FASTER data backups
• Handle 30% MORE transactions per hour without seeing authorization times start to increase
• FASTER installation of upgrades

Improved Security
Upgrading to the latest Passport POS System hardware with Windows 10 OS, assures you’ll have the most secure, robust POS solution that minimizes the risk of security or data breaches.

The risks of not upgrading to Windows 10 Logo Windows 10

  • Passport POS Systems running on Windows 7 are at high risk of not being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.*
  • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requires all merchants processing cardholder data to use systems that are still supported by their respective OS vendors or have a plan to migrate to the new system if it is not yet available.


PX60 Combo/Server – Running Windows 7 Professional Operating System, Microsoft Support Ended January 2020*. All other Passport devices (EDH/Client) – Running Windows 7 POS Embedded Operating System – Microsoft Support Ends October 2021*.
* New patches, feature enhancements, and security updates will not be released for Windows 7 after this date, work with your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) on your plan to maintain PCI compliance.

Identifying YOUR Passport® POS Hardware & Upgrade Package

This simple guide will help you select the specific Gilbarco Passport POS Software Version 20 package designed to work seamlessly with Windows 10.

Passport®POS PX51/PX52

Passport® POS PX51/PX52

Purchase an upgrade to PX60 Combo, Server or Client, or Passport Edge running Version 20 or higher with Windows 10
Windows 10 cannot be installed on PX51 or PX52 model systems.

Enhanced Dispenser Hub1EDH1 - Hub2EDH2

Enhanced Dispenser Hub 1 EDH1/Hub 2 EDH2

Purchase an EDH2 with Version 20 or higher with Windows 10 to replace EDH1
Purchase an EDH2 Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®POS PX60

Passport® POS PX60

Purchase a Combo, Server, or Client Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®Express Lane Self-Checkout

Passport® Express Lane Self-Checkout

Purchase a Client Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®Edge POS

Passport® Edge POS

Purchase a PS65 EDGE Server Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit
Passport EDGE Subscription customers will receive kits at no charge per their subscription agreement.


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EMV October 2020 Deadline: Running Out Of Time!!

NACS Hourglass

Ignoring the October 2020 deadline for EMV at the pump could cost you more than upgrading

The October 2020 deadline to upgrade your equipment to the EMV standard is just around the corner and will be here before you know it!  If you haven’t addressed your EMV needs as of yet, you should start right now!  Not only will there be a crunch on equipment as the deadline approaches, there will be an even bigger crunch on the available service companies and technicians qualified to perform your required upgrades before you hit the deadline wall of October 2020!

Missing this deadline will be very costly to those who don’t act at all.  Don’t expect the deadline to be pushed out again as there is extreme concern by consumers when it comes to the security of their personal information and the credit card companies are listening!  But more importantly to retailers is the HUGE liability shift of chargebacks from the credit card companies to YOU, the retailers who don’t upgrade; that’s a financial hit that will certainly be felt immediately. Currently, gas stations and c-stores are some of the weakest links in the chain at this time for being non-EMV compliant and with the plethora of information available on all matters related to EMV, there is no reason to hesitate any longer.Jerry Soverinsky

Jerry Soverinsky, a contributor to NACS Magazine has a great article in the December 2019 issue (click here to see the PDF of Jerry’s article).  Jerry points out the associated costs for those who wait and those who ignore the deadline, which could very likely cost you more than the upgrade itself!  Jerry’s article is quite the read and very worth a look if you are weighing the options of upgrading now or waiting. The article has facts, figures and some great graphs to lay out what’s at stake.

EMV Preparedness


Another great resource is Gilbarco’s EMV Migration Guide containing:

  • EMV Migration Checklist
  • EMV Overview
  • Forecourt Payment Products
  • EMV Upgrade Process
  • Reimage Kit Options
  • High-Speed Site Connectivity
  • And more…



And of course, the John W. Kennedy Company is here to help with your migration by offering you the best options from the leader in EMV Forecourt and Point Of Sale technology:
Gilbarco Veeder-RootClick on the images below to get an overview of some of your options

Pumps & Dispensers
Passport Point of Sale
Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale
Forecourt Payment Options
Gilbarco Forecourt Payment Options
Forecourt Merchandising
Gilbarco Forecourt Merchandising Options

To learn even more about Gilbarco EMV Product and Upgrade Options, call us at



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The TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) has long set the standard for exceptional quality in fuel management systems. Today, the TLS-450PLUS ATG builds on that solid legacy to set a new bar for reliability and convenience.

VR Vonnectivity


VR Web VR REmote VR Plus View VR Managed Services
Web-Enabled Interface

Modify configuration & programming, including:


Provides continuous management data for in-store use, and includes:


Provides periodic status updates from off-site, and includes:

Managed Services

Cloud based fuel management:

  • Print wet stock management and compliance reports.
  • Set up email notifications for alarms and reports.
  • Establish automatic events scheduled to your business needs.
  • App updates with ATG data as activity happens on site in real-time.
  • View Active Alarms with one touch.
  • Audible and on-screen notifications.
  • Station overview for an immediate status check on tank inventory.
  • Reports tab for quick access to Alarm, Inventory, and Last Delivery reports.
  • Map view to allow for easy navigation between sites.
Insite360 provides total control of your network with a team of analysts protecting your most valuable assets. Maximize your business with cutting-edge features including detecting dispenser flow reduction and meter drift by nozzle.
Learn More Learn More Learn More Explore Insite360
Station Overview: Immediate status check on tank inventory.
Report Tab: Access to Alarm, Inventory and Last Delivery Reports.
Map View: Easy navigation between map pin points.
Real-Time Updates: Continuous connectivity and updates.
One Touch Alarms: Quickly view alarms.
Notifications: Real-time audible / visual alarms.
Disconnect: Audible / Visual notification for lost connectivity.
In-Store Format: For optimal experience for site personnel.
Apple Store Apple Store
Google Play Store Google Play Store
TLS Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Greater connectivity needs greater protection

Whether a security breach comes from inside or outside an organization, older technology lacks modern security features needed to combat cyber intruders, who can wreak havoc on your business. Rest assured with the comprehensive security features of the TLS-450PLUS.

Features such as strong encryption, configurable user access, and segmented network ports help ensure your network is safe at every level. No matter your network’s size, security comes standard with the TLS-450PLUS.

Dangers of an Insecure Network

TLS Password
Veeder-Root TLS-350PLUS Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS




Isolated Networks:
Separation of insecure data from secure data.
Encrypted Web Access:
Using secure HTTPS connectivity with username/password.
Encrypted Serial Access:
Serial commands can run over a secure interface with SSH.
Role-Based Access:
User access to console functionality is controlled with roles.
Front Panel Access:
Control access to the console by user log in.
Network Routing:
Fully control data routing with the network including dropping data.
Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

350Plus Maintenance

Protect your investment & extend your warranty

Upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS automatically extends the warranty of your probes and sensors for the duration of the warranty on your new console. Significant labor savings can be gained with the TLS-450PLUS in comparison with the TLS-350, from the use of features like remote configuration, remote connectivity, automatic event notifications and more. The TLS-450PLUS helps reduce downtime by ensuring you have real-time access to everything you need to keep your station in top condition.

Save money by upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS

Equipment cost savings $
Remote troubleshooting and configuration $
Probe and sensor warranty extension $$
Remote software download $$
Free monthly software upgrades $$$
Reduced downtime due to real time access to data $$$$
Expanded Capabilities

Expanded Capabilites

Designed to be a platform for the future.

Features improved on the TLS-450PLUS include:

Leak CertificationDigital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD)

The line volume expansion of DPLLD for the TLS-450PLUS provides advanced line leak detection to meet the capacity of growing fuel sites, now certified up to 1,178 gallons of capacity. The DPLLD equipment performs a 3.0 gph line leak test following each dispense. With the proper software enhancement feature installed, the DPLLD equipment will also perform 0.2 and/or 0.1 gph line tests to meet your regulatory needs, eliminating the need for separate annual line leak testing.


Our third generation AccuChart™ utilizes enhanced geometric tank chart modeling for the TLS-450PLUS with optional restricted calibration range to perform calibration. Chart volumes are calculated using adjustable geometry parameters: diameter, capacity, end shape, tilt and probe offset. Completed charts are established more quickly and with higher accuracy from a limited amount of data.

Business Inventory ReconciliationBusiness Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)

BIR on the TLS-450PLUS has been enhanced for your custom reconciliation needs and meets federal, state, or local requirements. It includes automated reporting on:

  • Throughput thresholds
  • Delivery thresholds
  • Capacity thresholds
  • Custom thresholds
Additional Features include:

DEF Recirculation   |   Intelligent Pump Control   |   Enhanced Encryption Methods   |   Free Software Upgrades   |   Email Notifications   |   Custom Alarms   |   Three Ethernet Ports Standard   |   Centralized Device Management   |   Built-in Datalogger   |   Data Backup and Storage   |   Timed Sudden Loss

Ready to Upgrade?

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REVISED!! MassDEP fact sheet – Frequently Asked Questions: Stage I Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Systems.


From the desk of: Jeff Gifford, MassDEP, Bureau of Air & Waste, Stage I Vapor Recovery Program, 1 Winter St., 7th floor, Boston, MA 02108, Phone: 617-556-1144

Attention: Stage I Facility Owners & Operators:

The MassDEP Stage I Fact Sheet, Frequently Asked Questions: Stage I Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Systems has been revised and is now posted on the MassDEP Stage I Program website at the following link:

The revised fact sheet is located near the top of the website under the “News & Updates” and “Additional Resources” section.

A number of the questions / answers on the fact sheet were revised.



Please note: For Question 5, “What is the deadline to upgrade my Stage I Pre-EVR system to a Stage I EVR System?”, the answer to this question has been revised as follows:


5. What is the deadline to upgrade my Stage I Pre-EVR system to a Stage I EVR system?

GDFs that are exempt from installing Stage I EVR until the tanks are replaced
GDFs with existing gasoline tanks with “coaxial” Stage I systems are not required to upgrade to a Stage I EVR system until the existing gasoline tanks are removed and replaced with new gasoline tanks.

GDFs that must install Stage I EVR at installation
GDFs that install new gasoline tanks or a new Stage I system after January 2, 2015 must install a Stage I EVR system.

GDFs that must upgrade to Stage I EVR by January 2, 2022
GDFs with existing gasoline tanks with “dual-point” Stage I, and pre-EVR “screw-on” spill and vapor buckets,must install a Stage I EVR system by January 2, 2022.

GDFs that are not required to upgrade to Stage I EVR until after January 2, 2022
GDFs with existing gasoline tanks with “dual-point” Stage I, and Pre-EVR “slip-on” spill and vapor buckets, are not required to upgrade to a Stage I EVR system until the “Slip-on” spill or vapor buckets must be repaired or replaced, at which time StageI EVR spill and vapor buckets must be installed.


If you have any questions regarding the revised Stage I EVR fact sheet or the Stage I Vapor Recovery program please contact Jeff Gifford at


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Passport PX52 (PX51) Hardware: Support ending for upcoming release in March 2018

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

End-Of-Life Announcement:
Passport PX52 (PX51) Hardware

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is committed to maintaining service and support for all their solutions for the full extent of their hardware lifecycles. This support continues until they can no longer provide spare parts, or when significant technological advances dictate otherwise.PX52 End Of Support

The Passport PX52 (PX51) hardware set was released in 2005 and has served thousands of  Gilbarco Veeder-Root customers with fourteen major Passport releases and millions of hours of store operation. The PX60 Passport All-In-One hardware was introduced as the next evolution in April 2014 and sold across all petroleum/convenience networks and markets over the past three years.

Support for the PX52 (PX51) hardware set will be discontinued starting with Version 11.02 (Release 4) and all subsequent releases. This release is currently scheduled for production release starting March 2018.

PX52 End Of Life AnnouncementTo further help with key dates that pertain to the PX52 (PX51) hardware End-Of-Life support, please view the End-Of-Life Announcement: Passport PX52 (PX51) Hardware Gilbarco Veeder-Root has published.  The announcement includes a chart of milestones along with links to embed the key dates into your calendar as reminders.

PX60-Tradeup discounts are still available if you wish to upgrade from your existing PX52. Call us at 1.800.451.4021 to upgrade your system today!

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