OPW DSE: The No Brainer Secondary Container

OPW DSE Advanced Composite Technology Dispenser Sump

DSE Dispenser Sump

Most dispenser sumps force fueling station operators to choose between quality, speed or value. Produced using an Advanced Composite Technology manufacturing process, the DSE Dispenser Sump can deliver all three: best-in-class quality, fast lead times and affordability without sacrifice. The DSE is installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide access to secondary containment of dispenser plumbing, emergency shear valves and underground piping connections.

Features & Benefits:

Advanced Composite Technology –The only product in the industry made by a premium, close-molded manufacturing process

Quick and Efficient Manufacturing Time per Unit – Allows OPW to offer the shortest dispenser sump lead times in the industry

Smooth Surface on Both Sides of the Sump Wall – Consistent wall thickness, material blend, shape and detail for a perfect product every time and strong bonds with fittings

One Base for All Dispenser Models –Minimizes distributor inventory and provides the convenience of choosing the style needed

Compatible with all fittings and pipe – Seamlessly works with fiberglass pipe, flexible pipe, and any industry fittings

Backed by OPW – Legendary OPW quality, service, support and value

Ordering Specifications – DSE Dispenser Sumps

Sump Dimensions Weight
Model # A
in. | cm
in. | cm
in. | cm
in. | cm
with Top
lbs | kg
DSE-1836 20.22 | 51.36 17.20 | 43.69 44.11 | 112.04 35.90 | 91.19 85 | 38.56
DSE-1543 17.18 | 43.64 14.60 | 37.084 45.90 | 116.59 38.90 | 98.81 85 | 38.56
DSE-1741 18.50 | 46.99 16.70 | 42.42 44.20 | 112.29 38.10 | 96.774 83 | 37.65

Sump Component Part Numbers

Part # Description
215192 Universal Base. Combine with 215567, 215568 or 215569 to make a complete DSE sump
215567 Gilbarco Encore Top. Combine with 215192 to make DSE-1836
215568 Wayne Ovation Top. Combine with 215192 to make DSE-1543
215569 Wayne Helix Top. Combine with 215192 to make DSE-1741

The DSE can be ordered as a complete sump (one top and universal base), or the tops and universal base can be ordered as individual components

Stabilizer Bar Part Numbers

Part # Description
SBK-1800 Stabilizer bar kit for Gilbarco Encore
SBK-1500 Stabilizer bar kit for Wayne Ovation
SBK-1700 Stabilizer bar kit for Wayne Helix
DSE Dispenser Sump Brochure
Dispenser Sump
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DSE Dispenser Sump Brochure
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DSE Dispenser Sump Brochure
Dispenser Sump

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