Outdoor Lighting Options for Your Gas Station

The main aim of every retail outlet is to enhance the shopping experience and attract customers, and convenience stores and gas stations are no exception.

With a market size of USD 337 billion, convenience stores and gas stations play an integral role in the US economy. However, the industry is facing declining revenues, with the gas stations reporting that sales have declined as much as 70% due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In order to ensure this shift in the industry doesn’t adversely affect your gas station, you would want to lure drivers in from the road, ensure your customers locate products easily and quickly, and make sure they feel safe while refueling. Thanks to a plethora of outdoor lighting options, all of this is possible.

Here are some outdoor lighting options that can help you outshine your competition!

LED floodlighting

Outdoor lighting can keep your gas station safe and secure. If there’s no proper outdoor lighting, your gas station would be a common target for accidents like slips/falls and break-ins. However, these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided through LED floodlights.

Besides keeping criminals at bay, LED floodlights can illuminate landscaping at night and improve the safety of walkways.

Parking lot lights and poles

The parking lot lights are perfect for your gas stations and are designed to offer pleasing, bright illumination. These lights cast to a big area and can be used for residential streets, highways, and parking lots.

Canopy lighting

Canopy lighting is one of the best forms of outdoor lighting. Besides gas stations, it can also be used in bus depots and more. With canopy lighting, you won’t have to worry about replacing fixtures constantly because it performs well in every weather condition.

Canopy lighting is quite durable and can withstand externals elements. It’s also extremely efficient and is a healthy business investment for your gas station.

Wall lighting

In business settings, wall lighting is important to ensure staff and customers feel safe at all times. Your gas station can use wall lighting to make sure the surrounding area is well-lit.

Since lights in gas stations need to operate for many hours straight, wall lighting is recommended due to its efficiency. These lights come with an adjustable mount design and bright light output, making control of spill light possible. They’re also good for tougher environments and can deal with extreme climatic conditions. If you want a quality, flexible lighting option, choose wall lighting. It can offer quality lighting along with high power every day of the week!

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