A Supply Side Solution

OPW_SupplySide_1The following post contains excerpts from the article, A Supply Side Solution written by Jim Desautels, OPW Fuel Management Systems Commercial District Manager that appears in the January 2017 Fuel Oil NewsRead the full article on page 26 of the January 2017 edition here.

When Simple Energy of West Lebanon, NH was looking to expand their business to become their own bulk-storage facility with the latest technology to monitor at the rack, distribute and track inventory to not just Simple Energy’s fleet but to other commercial fleet customers Simple Energy was looking to attract as they expanded, they turned to Brian Devereaux, Vermont Sales Representative of the John W. Kennedy Company to do the job.  Brian’s biggest concern was not just the simplicity of the installation process but the simplicity of using, maintaining and expanding the the system as well its reliability on a day to day basis.

As Brian stated, “The reason we went with OPW equipment was maximum compatibility and seamless integration. With these integrated systems from OPW, Simple Energy would be able to control its fuel inventory in real time and streamline fueling operations overall.”
Some of the equipment and systems used include:

Read the full story on page 26 in the January 2017 edition of the Fuel Oil News.

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OPW Corporate LogoRECALLAn issue has been identified at an OPW supplier which has led to the immediate stoppage of sales of OPW swivel connector models 241 TPS Series and 36S with stamped manufacture dates between January 2013 and March 2017. This applies to 3/4 and 1 inch swivels. The specific models and date codes are listed on the Recall Alert as well as a list of the specific parts numbers affected.

OPW has identified a concern with a retaining rod used in the affected swivel connectors. In certain rare cases, the retaining rod may not perform as expected, resulting in unintended separation at the swivel connections, presenting a risk of fuel spillage. Additionally, while regulations and warnings prohibit the presence of ignition sources at the pump, there is a potential fire hazard if an ignition source is nevertheless present. Because the quality and safety of OPW products is paramount, they are stopping sales and recalling of all potentially affected swivels, effective immediately.

This communication pertains only to the specific swivels and hose kits identified on the Recall Alert and does not pertain to other OPW swivel models or products.

Here is an excerpt from the recall alert stressing the need to take immediate action on this recall notification:


  • Inspect your gas pumps and identify any OPW swivel connectors with the affected model numbers and within the affected date range.
  • Remove or replace all swivels with the affected model numbers and within the affected date range.
  • If the swivel was installed as part of a hose kit, only the swivel needs to be replaced, not the entire hose kit.
  • Register for the recall using the https://OpwSwivelRecall.expertinquiry.com website or by calling 1-866-562-5931 between 9am and 5pm EST Monday through Friday. You must provide contact information and certain information to identify the affected swivels to be replaced.
  • OPW will directly ship new, alternative swivels to replace your recalled swivels.
  • Tag and dispose of the recalled swivels per the instructions provided with your
    new swivels.

OPW regrets this inconvenience to you and your business and appreciates your patience as we work to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

If you have any further questions, please contact us immediately at 1.800.451.4021

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Omntec Delivery Defender Lite Operation

Have a look at this video from Omntec, where NE District Manager Bob Hyatt demonstrates the practical benefits of their new Delivery Defender Lite (DDL) remote overfill alarm:

The DDL is universal, and can connect to just about any industry standard automatic tank gauge (ATG).  During operation, its sunlight-visible LED indicators let the driver and site know that it’s working, as well as letting them know which tank is currently being fueled to prevent drop errors.  The DDL can service up to five tanks, depending on the version (DDL1-DDL5), and also has a wireless option.  Click here to view a PDF with more information.

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RENEW Island Restoration Spring Special!

Renew Island & Curbing Restoration

Fuel Island & Curbing Restoration

Spring into 2017 – RENEW  Your Image!

Okay, so it’s not quite spring yet but nothing like getting a jump on things.  The RENEW restoration process is a quick, efficient and resilient monolithic spray-on coating that can have your fuel islands and curbing looking like new in no time, backed by a 5-year warranty!


Renew Island 1

    •  Coating at over 1/4 inch thickness
    • Dries to the touch in 10 seconds

Renew Curbing Example

  • Impervious to salts and petrochemicals
  • UV stable (will not fade from sunlight)
  • Guaranteed to not rust, peel, warp or fade



If you are unfamiliar with  RENEW,  they will be one of the vendors at our 2017 Make Your Station Safe Again Trade Show on March 29 & 30, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI.  This is a free event featuring nearly 50 booths with over 60 manufacturers, 6 seminars with 5 offering product certifications!  Click here to register online.

RENEW Island Restoration Example 3

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APT Replaces TSM & TSD 4736 Tank Sumps with Updated Design


Franklin Fueling’s APT brand has announced the retirement of their TSM-4736 medium and TSD-4736 deep burial tanks sumps.  They will be replaced with tan improved updated design featuring a water-resistant, gasketed lid with four integrated lid hold-down toggles, the TSM-W-4736 and TSD-W-4736.



APT TSM & TSD-W Tank Sumps

Both polyethylene sumps feature a 47″ diameter base that fits under a 36″ manway.
The TSM-W-4736 Medium Burial has a height range of 31.9″ minimum to 45″ maximum burial depth  (currently in stock!)  while the TSD-W-4736 Deep Burial has a height range of 31.9″ minimum to 58″ maximum burial depth.


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