4 Accessories Gas Stations Must Have in Bulk

Shoppers often visit convenience stores for daily essentials. Smart gas station owners offer deals and discounts, implement marketing strategies and loyalty rewards programs to improve sales and attract locals and tourists alike.

But the secret behind the success of your store lies in what you carry to match sales trends at each location and in making sure the inventory is always stocked with why-not and must-haves.  

Gas stations significantly contribute to a country’s economy. In addition to selling fuels, they also sell different types of merchandise, from food to presents, drinks, and more. Here are some of the products that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Phone Accessories

Wall adapters, phone cases, and USB chargers will always be at the top of everyone’s needs list. Since you need your phone wherever you go, you want to keep it charged. Moreover, people often forget their phone accessories when packing for a road trip. Fortunately, you can purchase them at the next gas station.

Grocery Items

Repeat customers often purchase pantry essentials such as bread, milk, and canned goods. Condiments, dry snacks, and quick lunches also fall under this category. Once you fill the tank at your favorite gas station, you can get some weekly shopping done.  


Most people look for souvenirs at gas stations. Providing shot glasses, bumper stickers, and keychains with pictures or fun slogans from your locale can significantly improve your sales. If your store is in a tourist destination, consider stocking some local crafts representing your town’s artsy side.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages can either be an occasional treat or a ritual. Bottled sodas, energy drinks, fountain drinks, and slushies are always in demand. Most people often need a mid-morning sugar fix or a jolt of sweet caffeine with candy or a bag of chips. Offering deals on these items will keep them flying off your shelves.

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A Supply Side Solution

OPW_SupplySide_1The following post contains excerpts from the article, A Supply Side Solution written by Jim Desautels, OPW Fuel Management Systems Commercial District Manager that appears in the January 2017 Fuel Oil NewsRead the full article on page 26 of the January 2017 edition here.

When Simple Energy of West Lebanon, NH was looking to expand their business to become their own bulk-storage facility with the latest technology to monitor at the rack, distribute and track inventory to not just Simple Energy’s fleet but to other commercial fleet customers Simple Energy was looking to attract as they expanded, they turned to Brian Devereaux, Vermont Sales Representative of the John W. Kennedy Company to do the job.  Brian’s biggest concern was not just the simplicity of the installation process but the simplicity of using, maintaining and expanding the the system as well its reliability on a day to day basis.

As Brian stated, “The reason we went with OPW equipment was maximum compatibility and seamless integration. With these integrated systems from OPW, Simple Energy would be able to control its fuel inventory in real time and streamline fueling operations overall.”
Some of the equipment and systems used include:

Read the full story on page 26 in the January 2017 edition of the Fuel Oil News.

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