Keep Your Gas Station Free of Deceptive Fuel Price Signs

The Backstory

In February 2017, a strange malpractice was brought up to the knowledge of the U.S fuel retail industry and fuel customers. A Nebraska c-store company was accused of installing deceptive fuel price signs at six of its sites along the I-80 transcontinental freeway near Grand Island. The signs advertised fuel at a price significantly lower to what other gas stations were offering in the area. However, in actuality, the company offered the low price fuel only at limited pumps at each of its six sites. Continue reading

How C-Stores Are Profiting from Food Service Programs

The purpose of a convenience store is to provide customers with the ease of purchasing items while on the road. Convenience stores used to rely on tobacco and gas sales but since cigarette consumption is on a decline and gas prices are stable, c-store owners now wish to adopt more cost-effective ways to increase revenue. Although internal stores generate reasonable income, the products on the shelves already have a low profit margin. This is why owners have now turned to a lucrative method of adding food service programs to their c-stores. Continue reading

Universal Valve: Protecting the environment one valve at a time!

The Model 49 Overfill Valve

Universal Valve: Model 49, protects against gravity filling into a typical “AST Tank”. If you have or installed an “AST Tank” in a basement or below the grade of the fill point and you gravity fill, you could be at risk of an overfill. Universal is UL approved for both Pressure Fill and gravity fill with no minimum flow rate!

Universal Valve Model 49

  • UL Approved for Pressure and Gravity Fills
  • No minimum flow rate
  • 1 part number for direct or remote fills
  • Available in an E-85 version
  • Built and tested in the U.S.A. !


If you are on a device with a mouse, you can scroll around the image below to shop for the Universal Valve Model 49 and complimentary products along with other great Universal products found in our web store.  If you have a smartphone or tablet without a mouse, you can click on the components and logo in the image to be taken to those products found in our web store.

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Universal!


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The Rise of Electric Vehicles: A Detailed Look

Electric cars have been around for a very long time, but they always felt more like an ideal to aspire toward than a practical product—until now that is. CNBC predicts that electric car sales will rise to 30% of the entire pie by 2040. To put that in perspective, you can expect to be looking at 36 million electric cars on roads by 2025. This has been epitomized in Elon Musk’s attempt to achieve a sustainable energy economy, with Tesla Motors producing a large number of new and advanced models of electric cars. Continue reading


FFS Healy 800 ORVR NozzleEffective July 3, 2019, Franklin Fueling Systems is discontinuing the sale of HEALY™ 800 Series Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) nozzles in the United States.

The HEALY™ 800 Series ORVR nozzle was designed and primarily sold in Texas to support the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s requirement for Stage II vapor recovery (VR) with ORVR capability. Texas has ended the requirement for Stage II Vapor Recovery, and the deadline for replacing Stage II hanging hardware with conventional industry standard hanging hardware was August 8, 2018.

Please contact us at 1.800.451.4021 if you need assistance with transitioning to another vapor recovery nozzle option from the HEALY™ 800 Series ORVR Nozzle.

Additionally, Franklin Fueling Systems will be discontinuing the 800 Core Return Program at this time.

Click here to see the Franklin Fueling official bulletin.


The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!