CimTek 200/200A Series Filter End Of Life Notification

CimTek Filtration
200/200A Series Filters Will Be Discontinued As Of 10/1/21

I don’t know if we are just getting more notifications these days or it has just been a year where the manufacturers are in a self-reflective mode with their products’ performances and it is an opportunity to slim down during trying times to trim down on raw materials and what they deem as wasted effort but consolidation is a continual process across a broad line of products that do relatively the same thing but to varying degrees and it’s not necessarily a bad thing in all instances.

So the short and sweet of it is the following CimTek filters will no longer be offered as of *October 1, 2021:

*After 10/1/2021, we will continue to offer these discontinued models until our onhand inventory has been depleted.

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging as CimTek does have options!

Discontinued Direct Replacements
70002Cim-Tek 70002 200-10 10-Micron Filter Red Arrow 70003
70003 Cim-Tek Model 250-10 10 Micron Filter

CimTek 70004
Red Arrow 70005
CimTek 70005
CimTek 70046 200-30 Filter

Red Arrow 70088
CimTek 70088 250-30 Filter
70045Cimtek 70045 200A-30 Filter Red Arrow 70089CimTek 70089 250A-30

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FFS Healy 800 ORVR NozzleEffective July 3, 2019, Franklin Fueling Systems is discontinuing the sale of HEALY™ 800 Series Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) nozzles in the United States.

The HEALY™ 800 Series ORVR nozzle was designed and primarily sold in Texas to support the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s requirement for Stage II vapor recovery (VR) with ORVR capability. Texas has ended the requirement for Stage II Vapor Recovery, and the deadline for replacing Stage II hanging hardware with conventional industry standard hanging hardware was August 8, 2018.

Please contact us at 1.800.451.4021 if you need assistance with transitioning to another vapor recovery nozzle option from the HEALY™ 800 Series ORVR Nozzle.

Additionally, Franklin Fueling Systems will be discontinuing the 800 Core Return Program at this time.

Click here to see the Franklin Fueling official bulletin.


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