This Summer, Satisfy Your Fuel Customers on Their Great American Getaway

Nothing gets more American than packing your bags and hopping on a road trip in summer. Books have been written about it, songs have been sung and movies have been made. If owning a house is the great American dream, hitting the open highway for a sweet vacation to your favorite spot is the great American getaway.

Satisfy Your Fuel Customers on Their Great American Getaway

Each year, millions of U.S families, embark on a memorable summer escape. This year won’t be any different. In fact, the word on the roads is, the summer of 2019 is going to be grander in the scheme of things.

So where does your gas station come in all this?

Long trips, road-weary customers

Road trips can be exhausting. Long road trips can be back breakers.

On their great American getaway, your fuel customers will need a pit stop where they can stretch a bit, have something to eat and drink, freshen up, and ramp up their depleting energy reserves to enjoy what lies ahead.

Is your gas station fully stocked in all these departments?

If you don’t usually serve food and drinks, we suggest you do. In 2018, leisure travelers spent a total of $268 billion on food services.

Light snacks will do for the menu, but if you have a generous budget, you can also go for heavy meals. Don’t forget to fuel up on coffee, juices, colas and water bottles.

There’s a pretty good chance that your fuel customers might search your aisles for NoDoz as well, so make sure you’re well stocked on these popular caffeinated pills.

This should take care of the re-energizing part.

What else?

Mmm… Yes – the restrooms!

Fuel customers will be using your restroom. So, you want to ensure that your restrooms are clean and well maintained. Untidy restrooms can be downers for your road-weary visitors. Worse; they can create a bad impression of your business in the eyes of your fuel customers and prompt them to leave a negative review about your gas station on the internet.

Roll up your sleeves and prep up; you’ve got fuel customers to serve on their great American getaway.

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