The Power of Fuel Brands – Does It Really Exist?

The power of brands is undisputed and universal. Consumers get attracted to their favorite brands and prefer buying from their favorite brands. Well, at least that’s what most of us think. However, a recent study from Gas Buddy suggests this might not be the case in the fuel retail industry, where fuel retailers seem to be serving brand agnostic consumers.

The Power of Fuel Brands

The Boston-based company examined and analyzed six months of POP data from its loyalty program platform, which features more than 500,000 members. The findings revealed that fuel customers don’t prioritize brands when filling up their tanks at a roadside pump.

Eighty-one percent of drivers who buy motor fuel four or more times in a month do so at multiple gas stations. Only nineteen percent of them prefer to have their tanks filled up from one specific fuel brand.

Brand loyalty also doesn’t seem to resonate strongly among drivers who shop for fuel less frequently. For those who buy motor fuel three times or less in a month, seventy-seven percent wander between multiple fuel brands for the purchase.

In regard to which region has the most brand-agnostic fuel customers, the Gas Buddy study cited the Midwest region.

In the Midwest region, eighty-two percent of consumers don’t have any favorites when it comes to fuel brands, which makes the market intensely competitive for gas station operators.

The situationis relatively better for fuel retailers operating along the East and West coasts, where competition for customer loyalty is much less.

The Takeaway

Regardless of how big or small a fuel brand you may be, your fuel customers aren’t concerned with the size of your business. What they want is top quality fuel available at a reasonable price, convenient access to fuel, and a filling site that offers them a safe, secure and clean fueling experience. If your fuel brand excels in these department, you’re eating good.

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