Offer a Cleaner Fueling Experience to Your Diesel Customers

Diesel has long carried the stigma of being a “mucky” fuel. Black clouds of exhaust that would spurt from accelerating semis, buses and dump trucks mainly contributed to establishing this negative view of the less-loved child of the United States’ very much beloved motor-fuel family.

Offer a Cleaner Fueling Experience to Your Diesel Customers

However, in recent years, thanks to the enaction of stricter emission regulations and the development of cleaner fuel formulations, diesel’s image has received a drastic makeover.

Today, consumers are more open to driving a diesel-powered vehicle. This is supported by the continued upward trend in the sales of diesel vehicles, where last year more than 500,000 diesel motor units were sold—a record high in the history of the country.

With this clearly visible growth in the use and demand of diesel-powered vehicles, there should be auxiliary opportunities for the fuel retailers that sell diesel at their fueling site to explore. Here, the fuel retailers must overcome another mucky aspect of diesel’s “mucky” history…

A Cleaner Fueling Experience for Customers

Diesel fuel dispensing technology has traditionally lacked behind that of gasoline. A simple but significant example of this is the poorly designed diesel fuel nozzles that have been prone to leaks and runoffs—all of which attract dust and dirt. The result is a dispensing hardware that appears to be grimy or dirty, making it unappealing for customers to touch it.

Diesel fuel dispensing technology

Given that the fuel nozzle is the first (and often the last) handshake between a fuel customer and a gas station business, the need to offer a cleaner fueling experience to diesel customers can’t be overstated.

This is where OPW’s latest 14C diesel nozzle comes in.

OPW, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of gas station equipment and hardware, has introduced the all-new OPW 14 Series family of gasoline- and diesel-dispensing nozzles. The 14E nozzle has been built for gasoline dispensing while the 14C nozzle has been designed for diesel dispensing. The latter employs a patented diesel capture technology which prevents any fuel run-offs and makes for a cleaner fueling experience. In case, where any excess diesel may drip out onto the outside of the nozzle, a drip guard captures it instantly and keeps the spills to a minimum. This truly is diesel fuel dispensing redefined.

diesel nozzle

Here, at the John W. Kennedy Company, we stock and sell OPW’s 14 series family of fueling nozzles. Being one of the oldest distributors of OPW in the country, we only deal in genuine OPW products. Visit our online store today to order OPW 14C nozzles for your gas station.

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