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Omntec Proteus ATGsIf you have not been trained or need recertification on Omntec’s Proteus line, we strongly recommend attending one of their FREE training sessions.

OMNTEC’s FREE ASC training is a web-based course including an exam that can be completed at your own pace. The training presentation is live and hosted through Zoom. The course is roughly 2.5 hours long.

After you register you will receive an email with links to documents you can reference during the training session and the certification.

The Zoom meeting link will be sent out the Friday before the training session. Upon completion of both the training and exam, you will be provided a certificate and a wallet card that will be emailed directly to you.
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Fuel Variance W H I T E P A P E R

Hidden Costs, Hidden Causes and What to Do About Them

Something isn’t adding up, and you may not even know it. Due to a variety of factors, the amount of fuel you receive and the amount you dispense to consumers may not be the same. This difference is called fuel variance — the difference between the recorded and actual amounts of fuel in your tanks at a given time. Physical fuel losses caused by theft or leaks are readily understood and accounted for. But there are hidden causes that are difficult to detect and equally challenging to manage. For many retailers, these less obvious causes aren’t high on their list of concerns. But the effort to learn why they occur might just be worth it when it comes to their bottom lines.

Danny Seals Product Marketing Manager, Retail Dispensers, Gilbarco Veeder-RootDanny Seals, Product Marketing Manager, Retail Dispensers, Gilbarco Veeder-Root goes through the costs, causes and what to do to address fuel variance. Click on the image below to view and download the Fuel Variance White Paper.

GVR Fuel Variance White Paper

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Fuel Variance White Paper

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Franklin Fueling Systems: Important Product Updates



Effective immediately, all EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) internal software field upgrades will be delivered via email in lieu of physical USB thumb drives. In order to speed delivery and comply with new security standards, field upgrades will be provided as a download link sent via email upon purchase. This applies to all EVO™ Series ATGs.

A list of available software upgrades follows below:

Internal Software / Field Upgrades

Model Description
TS-TT (T) Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection, 24 hour continuous tank testing software
TS-TRAC (R) Tank inventory reconciliation and autocalibration
TS-TRAC-F (F) Reconciliation/autocalibration and flow rate monitoring software
TS-FLOW Flow rate monitoring
TS-ELLD (L) Electronic line leak detection
TS-ELLD-G (G) Electronic line leak detection for generator applications
TS-CON (C) Enhanced logic conditions including value, counter, value compare, and latch
TS-SCM (S) Secondary containment monitoring


Please be aware that the model numbers for several Analog Inventory & Leak Detection Probes (LL2 models) have been updated. There are no functional changes in the operation of any of these probes. There are no changes in pricing. Please update your ordering information using the cross reference provided below.

Analog Inventory & Leak Detection Probes

FFS Legacy Probe
Legacy Model New Model Description
TSP-LL2-69 TSP-LL2-69 CN 69” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-69-I TSP-LL2-69-I CN 69” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-81 TSP-LL2-81 CN 81” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-81-I TSP-LL2-81-I CN 81” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-89 TSP-LL2-89 CN 89” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-89-I TSP-LL2-89-I CN 89” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-101 TSP-LL2-101 CN 101” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-101-I TSP-LL2-101-I CN 101” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-107 TSP-LL2-107 CN 107” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-113 TSP-LL2-113 CN 113” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-113-I TSP-LL2-113-I CN 113” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-125 TSP-LL2-125 CN 125” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-125-I TSP-LL2-125-I CN 125” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-158-I No Change 158” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-161-I No Change 161” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-167-I No Change 167” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-168-I No Change 168’ analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-170-I No Change 170” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-173-I No Change 173” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-179-I No Change 179” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-185-I No Change 185” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-197-I No Change 197” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-209-I No Change 209” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-215-I No Change 215” analog inventory probe

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FFS Healy FFS Power Integrity FFS UPP

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Veeder-Root Technical Support Notification: Probe & Sensor Wiring

Probe & Sensor Wiring


Veeder-Root has specific requirements for all Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), probe, sensor and Pressurized Line Leak Detection (PLLD) transducer wiring – this is to maintain intrinsic safety as well as reduce electrical noise interference. This notification will provide a brief introduction into Veeder-Root’s probe and sensor wiring requirements. This should be used in conjunction with local, state and federal electrical codes.

Basic Wiring & Installation Requirements

The following are Veeder-Root’s field wiring requirements:

  • All probes and sensors must use two-wire shielded cable.*
  • Use a single continuous length of shielded cable with no splices to ensure optimum signal strength.
  • All shielded cable runs must be less than 1000 feet.
  • An epoxy pack must be used for all wiring splices in the field.
  • Weatherproof junction boxes are required for all conduit runs to the monitoring locations (e.g., STP sump or dispenser pan).
  • All shields must be grounded at the console, cut-off in the field.
  • When exiting the console, shielded cable must be run through rigid conduit.
  • Shielded cable should be rated between 14 to 18 AWG stranded copper wire and must be rated less than 100 picofarads per foot.**

* When installing a three-wire sensor, use a three-wire shielded cable.
** Refer to the TLS-450PLUS Site Prep and Installation Manual (577014-073) for wiring examples.

ATG Installation & Grounding

  • All three divider plates must be left in place in-between any of the four slots in the TLS-450PLUS console or the TLS-XB Expansion Box.
  • The divider plates and empty slot covers cannot be modified in any way. This includes drilling holes or cutting the plates.

Note: Removing or modifying the divider plate can lead to electrical noise interference issues and violates UL/cUL and other licensing bodies.

  • Four-conductor or more shielded cable cannot be used with Veeder-Root probes or sensors. Two wires cannot be connected to a sensor while the other two wires are connected to another device, even if the two devices are installed in the same sump.
  • Confirm the console has two isolated grounds.

To test the grounds, disconnect these two cables from the console. Place the leads of the ohmmeter on each grounding wiring and confirm it reads less than 1 ohm of resistance. If it reads more than 1 ohm of resistance, then the console has bad grounding, which could be a cause of an electrical noise interference issue.

Installation Review

This example shows a clean installation.

✅ One pair of two-conductor shielded cable is used per device.

✅ All shields are grounded at the console.

✅ All shielded cable is run through a rigid conduit.

This example shows an incorrect installation.

The field wiring does not meet Veeder-Root, UL/cUL and other licensing bodies’ wiring requirements. This site is using four-conductor shielded cable. (Shields are not shown).
As mentioned before, two-conductor shielded cable is required for all probes and sensors.

Further Information

DOWNLOAD THE TSN HERE!Veeder-Root Probe & Sensor Wiring


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