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Effective immediately, all EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) internal software field upgrades will be delivered via email in lieu of physical USB thumb drives. In order to speed delivery and comply with new security standards, field upgrades will be provided as a download link sent via email upon purchase. This applies to all EVO™ Series ATGs.

A list of available software upgrades follows below:

Internal Software / Field Upgrades

Model Description
TS-TT (T) Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection, 24 hour continuous tank testing software
TS-TRAC (R) Tank inventory reconciliation and autocalibration
TS-TRAC-F (F) Reconciliation/autocalibration and flow rate monitoring software
TS-FLOW Flow rate monitoring
TS-ELLD (L) Electronic line leak detection
TS-ELLD-G (G) Electronic line leak detection for generator applications
TS-CON (C) Enhanced logic conditions including value, counter, value compare, and latch
TS-SCM (S) Secondary containment monitoring


Please be aware that the model numbers for several Analog Inventory & Leak Detection Probes (LL2 models) have been updated. There are no functional changes in the operation of any of these probes. There are no changes in pricing. Please update your ordering information using the cross reference provided below.

Analog Inventory & Leak Detection Probes

FFS Legacy Probe
Legacy Model New Model Description
TSP-LL2-69 TSP-LL2-69 CN 69” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-69-I TSP-LL2-69-I CN 69” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-81 TSP-LL2-81 CN 81” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-81-I TSP-LL2-81-I CN 81” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-89 TSP-LL2-89 CN 89” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-89-I TSP-LL2-89-I CN 89” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-101 TSP-LL2-101 CN 101” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-101-I TSP-LL2-101-I CN 101” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-107 TSP-LL2-107 CN 107” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-113 TSP-LL2-113 CN 113” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-113-I TSP-LL2-113-I CN 113” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-125 TSP-LL2-125 CN 125” analog leak detection probe
TSP-LL2-125-I TSP-LL2-125-I CN 125” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-158-I No Change 158” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-161-I No Change 161” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-167-I No Change 167” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-168-I No Change 168’ analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-170-I No Change 170” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-173-I No Change 173” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-179-I No Change 179” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-185-I No Change 185” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-197-I No Change 197” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-209-I No Change 209” analog inventory probe
TSP-LL2-215-I No Change 215” analog inventory probe

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