A Safety Guide To Managing Fuel Storage After Hurricane Irma

Fuel StoragesIf left unattended, a flooded underground fuel storage tank can be a grave environmental liability. To protect the tank owners and their property from their probable health impact, corroded or leaky storage tanks need to be repaired or removed.

Is your fuel storage tank system one of the many things Hurricane Irma left asunder?

Below listed are some measures that can be taken to help it become functional again.

Before the System Startup

  • Ensure that the power to pumps, fuel dispensers or any other tank equipment is switched off.
  • Check areas around the tank for any possible leakages. Make sure you don’t leave out the pump sumps, or the secondary and under-dispenser containments.
  • Look closely. Do you see signs for a damaged tank cover pad? If yes, it’s advisable that you get a tank contractor to inspect it.
  • Use a gauge-stick or water-finding paste to detect water in your fuel storage tank.
  • If your tank is filled with gasoline blended with ethanol and you detect traces of water in it, you might as well run a fuel test in order to ensure that it still meets quality standards.
  • Turn the power on if you find nothing wrong with the tank’s electrical system. If there’s something alarming, get in touch with an electrician or a tank contractor.
  • Inspect valves, switches, relays, leak detection system, and all other pump equipment to ascertain they are undamaged and in a working condition.
  • Empty the sumps of possible fuel spills and clean them. Also, check all the fittings and pipelines. Do you find any damages? Are they leaking?
  • If you are still unsure about the tightness of the tank system, carry out a test before adding any more fuel to it.

Upon System Startup

  • As long as you do not detect a leaking tank system, it’s okay to return it to service, even if the leak detection system needs repair.
  • In case of a damaged leak detection system, keep track of inventory control on a daily basis. This includes tank’s contents’ measurements done manually, recording the amount of fuel pumped, and testing the presence of water at the bottom of the tank. Better yet, seek assistance from a leading fuel management systemprovider to guide you through the calibration procedures.
  • In the event of an inventory loss or a persistent collection of water, let the system be out-of-service. Meanwhile, perform a test to ensure your tank’s tightness.

Do you need help fixing your underground petroleum and chemical storage tanks? Are you considering replacing it with a new one? Contact John W. Kennedy today. We look forward to providing the best possible solution to you.


Gilbarco / Veeder-Root Pathway to Certification

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Pathway to CertificationGilbarco Veeder-RootGilbarco / Veeder-Root Pathway to Certification Sequence

Kennedy’s own Christopher Bedard, GVR Certified Technical Trainer / Assistant Service Manager has put together a document that outlines the required sequence of events that must be followed for anyone seeking to become a Gilbarco / Veeder-Root certified technician.  Click here to read the full document that outlines course by course what is required and how to go about meeting each requirement.

The GVR Pathway document can can also be found on the JWK Tech Training Home Page along with:

If you have any questions about the Gilbarco/Veeder-Root Pathway document or technical training offered at by the John W. Kennedy Company at the Mark A. Ring Memorial Training Facility, please contact Christopher Bedard at 1.855.978.6737 or fill out the form found on our Contact-Us web page.

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Available Tax Incentives – Accelerated Depreciation

2018 Tax ChangesGilbarco Encore, Passport PX60 & Veeder-Root TLS450 PlusPatriot Capital

Our good friends at Patriot Capital have asked us to share one of the benefits of the new tax laws; expansion of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation!

As Richard Browne, Patriot Capital Vice-President and Marketing puts it, “Bottom line, most dealers and jobbers will be able to deduct 100% of their equipment purchases in the first year, rather than over the traditional seven years.  This has some significant tax benefits for them.”

Click here to see the document that explains accelerated depreciation on page 1, summarizes the changes on page 2 and gives an example of how it works on page 3.

If you are looking to purchase new equipment and would like to take advantage of these expanded tax benefits, give us a call at 1.800.451.4021 today!  We can also work with Patriot Capital to help with your financing.


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Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers


Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers

Mark Radosevich wrote an article on January 17, 2018 that appears on the  Convenience Store Decisions website covering the growing concerns of cybercrimes within the petroleum marketer’s community.

Read the full article here on Convenience Store Decisions.

As the opening tagline states, “Cybercrime knows no bounds, and not paying attention to your computer security can trip up a company plenty.”

The article discusses what prime targets petroleum marketers are becoming for cybercrime and ransomware due to the high volume of customers and cash petroleum wholesalers and oil marketers deal with.  These attacks are further being fueled due to non-traditional banking intermediaries such as Bitcoin being involved to aid the nefarious schemers activities that makes finding such culprits far more difficult to impossible!

And while private individuals should be very concerned about identity theft and security, any and all businesses need to be far more concerned these days because they are dealing with the financial and personal data of thousands to millions of individuals along with that of their own business. And last I looked, technology is becoming more prevalent in everyone’s day to day life as time marches forward…unless you want to live in the wilds away from society that is.

It is always the best course of action to deal with highly qualified experts dedicated to cyber security to minimize the impact and fallout so you do not become the next victim.

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Gilbarco/Veeder-Root Safety Certification Specifications Starting January 8, 2018

GVR API Safety

GVR still requires a safety certification for each technician

The certification can be:


API and POST will be your only options for safety training beginning in 2019 and you will need to maintain one as your safety certification. All technicians must have a safety certification.  Claims submitted for technicians without a current safety certification will be rejected with no exceptions!

Click here to access the full document outlining Gilbarco/Veeder-Roots new Safety Certification Specifications.  If you have questions about this memo contact your GVR Market Service Manager for assistance.

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Fuel Management Systems Can Save You Money

Fuel Management Systems Can Save You MoneyThe profitability of a business can be enhanced by increasing its efficiency. In the petroleum industry, fuel management systems are used to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of business processes.

Experienced owners of fleet operations and refueling services know how valuable an effective fuel management system can be. They reduce the cost of doing business and simply fuel management operations. Continue reading

New Hannay Reels 3-Year Limited Warranty

Hannay Reels

Beginning January 1st, 2018, Hannay Reels will warranty their products for 3 years from date of shipment when properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Hannay instructions.  You can review details on warranty requirements, exclusions and responsibility by visiting the Hannay Reels warranty page at https://www.hannay.com/en-US/support/warranty/.

The new 3-year limited warranty retroactively applies to Hannay reels shipped after January 1st, 2016.

Hannay Reels proudly stands behind their products with the confidence they are providing their customers with the best built hose and cable reels on the market today!

If you have any questions on the warranty or previous reel purchases, please feel free to call us at 1.800.451.4021 or email us at counter@jwkemail.com.



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How Can You Improve Your Gas Station Service?

How Can You Improve Your Gas Station ServiceHow can you ensure that your customers keep coming back to you?

If you are an ambitious gas station owner, retaining your customers will be one of your topmost priorities. Customers will prefer using your gas station’s services if you run your business in a professional way. If they find your service to be honest, friendly, and efficient, they will definitely keep returning to your station. Continue reading