Jump-Start Your C-Store Self-Checkout with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Passport Express Lane Financing Deal

0% Financing For 12 Months!

Gilbarco Passport Self CheckoutIt’s been two weeks since the 2021 NACS Show and we’re still feeling the excitement around Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Express Lane Self-Checkout System.
With the overwhelmingly positive response seen at NACS, an incredible deal has been put together to help more of you start your self-checkout strategy.

With the support of Patriot Capital and Gilbarco Veeder-Root, take advantage of limited-time 0% financing for 12 months to qualifying business owners who purchase Express Lane.


Self-checkout has been proven to combat labor shortages and mitigate labor cost savings when implemented for just two hours a day.

Express Lane is a solution that pays for itself. Here’s a quick rundown:


With this limited financing deal, you no longer have to worry about the upfront financial investment, so you can start focusing on the exciting part – implementation plans.

Want to take your C-Store to the next level?

Here’s a quick best practices guide for new users.

While you’re at it, watch how these retailers are using Express Lane Self-Checkout to raise the bar on customer experience AND employee engagement.

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If you’ve missed the EMV deadline, there’s still a way to get back on track.

So You Missed the EMV Deadline, What Now?

At long last, the outdoor EMV deadline for the U.S. has passed, but that doesn’t mean the story is over yet.

From now on, chargebacks from fraud that occurs on unprotected forecourts are now the responsibility of the retailer, not the banks.

And despite multiple deadline delays, only half of fuel retailers (48 percent) have met the EMV compliance mandates by the April 17th, according to a new survey.

The right side of the graphic above splits retailers into three categories, but it’s the 25% of retailers who are “unsure” when they’ll complete their EMV upgrades that present the greatest challenges.

With limits on manpower, equipment, and hardware, those who didn’t plan ahead will now have to wait in line.

What Can You Do While You Wait?

Fraud MonitoringFirst, consider measures to limit the damage. Identify and prioritize sites that are in the areas most prone to fraud. Put those sites as close to the front of the line for upgrades as possible.

While not fool-proof, tamper-evident tape can help deter criminals, but experienced fraudsters know how to cover their tracks.

There are also fraud monitoring systems through Visa or other payment processers that send risky transactions inside the store to pay.

The most drastic option you can take is turning off your payment terminals at the fuel dispenser altogether, forcing customers to pay inside on EMV protected PIN pads. The problem here is that the loss in business from inconvenienced customers may cost more than the potential fraud.

Missed EMV Deadline
Read about the potential losses that unprotected businesses should expect with the liability shift here.

The Bottom Line

Fraud liability has shifted, but the plan of action remains the same. If you haven’t started your upgrade process yet, contact us as soon as possible. We have financing options and EMV discounts available.

EMV Behind The Eight BallDoes EMV currently have you behind the eight ball?

We are here to help with equipment and financing options!!

Feel free to call us at 1.800.451.4021 or email us using the link below:

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Patriot Capital – Now’s The Time! Upgrade Your Site – Grow Your Business

Patriot Capital & Gilbarco Encore 700's

Upgrade your site with Gilbarco Encore 700s and Patriot Capital

Your customers are looking for secure payments and a great fueling experience. You’re looking to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Now’s The Time to Get Both!

Patriot Capital 5.75%

Apply today for quick approval. Financing rates apply to all orders received by March 31, 2019 with shipment by June 30, 2019.


1. Additional terms may apply. Contact us at 1.800.451.4021 for more information and additional program information.
2. Participation in program requires credit approval by Patriot Capital. Program may be altered or terminated prior to March 31, 2019.


Read the full details in Patriot Capital Now’s The Time promotional flyer by clicking here.

Click here to obtain a quick quote online using the Patriot Capital Monthly Payment Estimator found at johnwkennedyco.com.


If you have any further questions, would like to talk about financing options, equipment upgrades or to place your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.451.4021 or email us with your inquiries.

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Patriot Capital: Is Equipment Financing Right For Your Business?

Patriot Captial - Is Equipment Financing Right For Your Business?You have options in how you finance your fueling and convenience store equipment. Adding new EMV gas pumps, POS, LED’s, storage tanks or EMV upgrades? View the short video below to learn how business equipment financing and leasing for your convenience store compares with other loan and borrowing options.

Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.451.4021 if you would like to finance your next equipment purchase or visit Patriot Captial’s Equipment Financing Learning Center to learn more.

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Available Tax Incentives – Accelerated Depreciation

2018 Tax ChangesGilbarco Encore, Passport PX60 & Veeder-Root TLS450 PlusPatriot Capital

Our good friends at Patriot Capital have asked us to share one of the benefits of the new tax laws; expansion of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation!

As Richard Browne, Patriot Capital Vice-President and Marketing puts it, “Bottom line, most dealers and jobbers will be able to deduct 100% of their equipment purchases in the first year, rather than over the traditional seven years.  This has some significant tax benefits for them.”

Click here to see the document that explains accelerated depreciation on page 1, summarizes the changes on page 2 and gives an example of how it works on page 3.

If you are looking to purchase new equipment and would like to take advantage of these expanded tax benefits, give us a call at 1.800.451.4021 today!  We can also work with Patriot Capital to help with your financing.


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Why Wait – No Interest, No Payments Until 2018!

Why Wait? Qualified Customers Get No Payments on Equipment and Installation.

patriot-logoIf you are considering upgrading your site, there’s never been a better time.  Lock in today’s low interest rates through December 2022 when you finance your new gas pumps, point of sale, underground storage tanks or other fueling or in-store equipment.

Encore_700_wJWKOrder by November 30, 2017.  Equipment installed by December 31, 2017 is eligible for Section 179 tax savings in 2017.

Our friends and partners at Patriot Capital would love to help you finance those upgrades.


See the attached credit application or give us a call at 1.800.451.4021 and ask us about this program!

Program available to qualified borrowers.

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Opinion: EMV At The Pump: Should You Wait Until 2020?





The following article was written by Richard Browne of Patriot Capital for www.cspdailynews.com.  Read the original article here.

ATLANTA — There was a collective sigh of relief on Dec. 1, when Visa, followed quickly by MasterCard, announced a shift in the forecourt gas-pump liability date from 2017 to 2020. I believe there also was a smile in some boardrooms, as retailers that already have invested see an opportunity to capture gallons and inside sales.

Industry reports suggest that about 33% of dispensers in the market are capable of processing payments to Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) data-security standards with either a software or small hardware upgrade. This represents dispensers installed since 2011, when both Wayne and Gilbarco started shipping “EMV-ready” dispensers. Both manufacturers are reportedly close to or have released the required software to enable EMV, and there’s high probability that many networks will be processing EMV from pumps by mid- to late 2017.

So what?

Consumers are quickly becoming used to using a chip card. They are aware of the reason for it: increased security. Crooks are aware of EMV, and can quickly identify fuel dispensers that have—or don’t have—EMV payment enabled.

I believe we’ll see two things happen:

  • Consumers will shift their buying behavior to EMV-enabled gas pumps, starting in 2017. A high percentage of your customers have had one of their cards breached in the past and want the most secure transaction possible. In Europe and Canada, which have completed their implementation, retailers saw gallons shift to “secure” EMV sites from those that hadn’t yet been upgraded. Switching costs are low in our industry; it’s very easy for a customer to drive another block for a safer experience.
  • Criminals will have a shrinking number of sites to target. About 10% of dispensers are replaced each year. This suggests that, with no acceleration in upgrades, more than 50% of dispensers will be EMV-enabled in 2018, and 70% in 2020. The crooks have got to eat, and they will have half the sites to target that they had in 2015. Combine this with EMV implemented at restaurants and retail, and the potential places to commit card fraud becomes a small target.

Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus, said that Visa and MasterCard’s delay announcements appear to not clearly delay liability for retailers who experience higher fraud rates or those accepting foreign-issued cards. “We don’t see this announcement as a true game delay, but a bit of breathing room,” he said.

It is important to review your fraud liability with your processor, and understand Visa and MasterCard’s plans and how increased fraud may affect you.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the liability upgrade deadline move again. With the installed EMV base naturally approaching 80% or more dispensers, the arguments that caused the date to move have less sway, and all other U.S. payments markets will have been EMV-enabled for five years.

Waiting will get more expensive. It’s generally anticipated that the new administration’s economic plans will result in higher inflation and interest rates. Combine this with promised lower tax rates, which effectively reduce the benefits of capital depreciation and makes equipment more expensive on a net-cost basis, and increases in labor costs, and waiting will be expensive. For multisite operators, the change in bonus depreciation from 50% today to 30% in 2019 and 0% in 2020 can have a significant cash-flow impact.

Competitors that have upgraded to new pumps will have enhanced marketing capabilities that the newest pumps provide. Video screens and contactless payment provide marketing options that can increase adoption of customer-loyalty programs and drive more traffic into your store.

The bottom line: Delaying pump EMV upgrades means potential market-share loss and higher fraud risk for your site. Consumers—and crooks—will know who’s made the move.

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!

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Drive Home 2016 With Two Great Encore Financing Options


Get ready for EMV and enhance your experience!  Patriot Capital has two great financing alternatives from Gilbarco they’d like you to know about before the next price increase:

Gilbarco Bundle $2000 Financing Rebate.
Gilbarco has launched their Fall bundle promotion, providing bundle savings of up to $13,500 per site.  Customers who utilize the Passport / Encore 700 4 crate bundle and who finance with Patriot will receive a $2,000 rebate check after final funding.

Don’t Make a Payment Until 2017
Order the Encore 700 S to be eligible for no payments until January 2017 on the dispensers and related installation costs.  If you are financing with Patriot, order now to, other than a one month security deposit, make no additional payments until 2017.

Taking advantage of these promotions provides you with many benefits, including:

  • an enhanced customer experience at the pump and the opportunity to grow your station’s sales with Applause TV
  • being EMV ready on the forecourt
  • purchasing ahead of future price increases
  • capturing Section 179 tax benefits to create cash flow advantages* (tax disclaimer at bottom)

* Please consult your tax advisor for advice regarding your particular situation.  Patriot Capital does not provide tax advice.

You can view the official bulletin from Patriot Capital here.

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!

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Opinion: Top Questions to Ask as You Move on EMV

The following article originally appeared in the
May edition of http://www.cspdailynews.com written by:
Kara Gunderson,
POS Manager, CITGO Petroleum
CITGO Petroleum Co.



EMV implementation can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor for any retailer. From upgraded equipment to software and technology, there’s a lot to navigate within the established, looming deadlines. For example, in October 2015, the liability for fraudulent transactions from inside the store shifted from MasterCard/Visa to the retail location. That means processing a chip card inside your store without upgraded equipment could make you liable for any fraudulent chip-card transactions.

If that’s not enough to make you take action, the same liability shift takes place outside at the fuel dispensers Oct. 1, 2017. By that date, gasoline retailers will need to retrofit or replace pumps to accept EMV or shoulder the burden of any fraudulent charges related to a chip card.

Make a Plan

Unfortunately, fraud could cost you thousands of dollars if you do not upgrade your equipment. For those investing in EMV implementation, here are some important questions to ask:

1. How can you lessen the financial effect of EMV? Many retailers have taken a big-picture approach to EMV, and that’s a good thing. Instead of seeing EMV in a vacuum, they look at upgrades that may add incremental income to offset up-front costs, including:

  • Moving from dial-up (analog and serial connections) into the Internet and digital age
  • Evaluating and replacing pumps with those that handle chip cards and have video display screens
  • Upgrading the forecourt with brighter, more energy-efficient lighting.

2. Have you prioritized your sites? With liability the No. 1 concern, you should prioritize high-traffic sites and locations in high-crime neighborhoods. Creating this hierarchy may soften the economic effect and help you better execute the changeover.

3. Do you have enough bandwidth? The amount of data required to flow back and forth to authorize a magnetic-stripe card is minuscule compared to what’s needed with a chip card. With a mag stripe, only the host processor is involved. With EMV, it’s the card, the terminal and the host. With a mag stripe, it’s static data, and with the chip, a cryptogram is involved. High-speed connectivity via broadband is a must. And don’t forget a backup plan, such as cellular or a secondary carrier. Also, include your dealers if that’s part of your business.

Prioritize high-traffic sites and locations in high-crime neighborhoods.

4. What do your site plans look like? Things to consider include number of POS devices and dispensers at each site, wiring needs and whether you’re installing new video screens and running ads to generate income. Work with your distributors to establish individual site upgrade plans so you know what to upgrade and where.

5. What are your financing plans? New financing structures, partners and bankers can help retailers overcome the costs associated with EMV. Consulting with your jobbers or oil-company representatives could lead to brokered plans or trusted lenders.

6. Have you thought about mobile payment? EMV devices are not always equipped with near-field communications (NFC). (Think “tap and pay.”) Adding NFC readers can allow you to potentially accept mobile payments, a real benefit as customers begin to expect this option.

7. Have you reviewed store-level training and procedures for EMV? Prepare your cashiers to educate customers so they know what to expect. This may keep people from leaving their cards behind both inside and outside at the dispensers, but you should initiate a procedure for that too. A great resource for merchant and cashier training is gochipcard.com.

8. Have you planned far enough ahead? Due to the late EMV specification releases, many providers are still getting their devices certified, which is hindering the rollout process. Stay in touch with key suppliers and build those logistics into your execution plans. Also, the longer you wait, the fewer technicians will be available. Only a finite number of trained technicians exist to handle what will undoubtedly be a rush to install EMV leading up to the liability-shift date. Also, you don’t want to be the last one to upgrade in your neighborhood—by then, most of the counterfeit liability will have already shifted to your location.

In the end, your decision to move forward with EMV will mean little if you stumble in your execution. Review your options, decide on a plan and move relentlessly toward 2017.

If you would like to learn more about EMV and financing options with Patriot Capital, feel free to contact us at 1.800.451.4021.

The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!

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