3 Leading Petroleum Equipment Brands Gas Station Owners Should Know About

If you own a gas station, you’d know the significance of having reliable and efficient petroleum equipment amidst supply chain shortages. From fuel dispensers to nozzles, the correct equipment is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Here’s a guide to some of the leading petroleum equipment brands that are trusted by gas station owners around the world.


Gilbarco is one of the leading petroleum equipment providers in the world. They offer a wide range of products, from fuel dispensers to POS systems for gas stations. Their products are easy to install and offer superior performance and reliability. Even amidst rising inflation in the US, Gilbarco products are affordable for small-scale gas station owners, and your investment in their products will be worth it because of their long lifespan.

With a long history of providing reliable, efficient solutions for gas station owners, Gilbarco continues to be one of the most trustworthy petroleum equipment brands in the industry.

Emco Wheaton

Emco Wheaton is one of the most trusted names in the petroleum industry, renowned for their overfill prevention valves and vapor adapter caps. They have been continuously innovating and developing advanced solutions that help gas station owners increase efficiency.

fuel nozzle


OPW is a global manufacturer of petroleum products for the safe and efficient handling, storage, and transport of fuel. With extensive experience in the petroleum equipment industry, OPW has become an established market leader with a wide range of accessories designed to meet the needs of gas station owners.

Their product includes fuel nozzles, fuel management systems, and retail fueling components. OPW is committed to delivering high-quality products that are engineered for safety and maximum efficiency. Gas station owners can rest assured that OPW’s reliable equipment will help keep their business running smoothly even during a supply chain crisis.

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OMNTEC Authorized Service Contractors Training 03/14/2022 11am EST

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Pneumercator January 2022 Technical Certification Training Webinar Invitation

2-Day Online Technical Certification Training

When:  January 11 – 12,2022 (2-day online course)
Time:  9AM to 4:30PM Eastern (8AM to 3:30PM Central, 7AM to 2:30PM Mountain, 6AM to 1:30PM Pacific)

Cost: $275.00 per technician. DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFO.

To Register: Call 1.631.293.8450 or email robyn@pneumercator.comDO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFO.

NOTE: You will be provided with the webinar link once you have registered. Certification is valid for 2 years

Pneumercator TMS4000Course Overview: This class offers technicians the opportunity to obtain or renew factory certification necessary to perform installation, startup, repair, and maintenance of the select Pneumercator products listed below.

Recommended Experience/Education: All attendees should have some prior experience with the installation and
maintenance of electronic tank gauging and leak detection systems, including general knowledge of NEC/NFPA electrical code requirements, and more specifically, hazardous location classified installation and wiring requirements and safety procedures.

Pneumercator TMS2000

Required Materials: A computer with internet access. Webcam optional. Dial up voice support provided via telephone number upon signing into webinar. Groups may share a computer but a larger screen (i.e. projector, large TV, etc.) is recommended.

Materials Provided:
Training Presentation via internet link.

TMS Communicator via internet link.

Certification: Renewal required every 2 years.

Pneumercator LC1000AProducts Covered:

  • LC1000-A Series Non-Discriminating Leak and/or Pt. Level Sensing system.
  • LC2000 Series Discriminating/Non- Discriminating Leak/Pt. Level Sensing system.
  • PC1000 Series pump controller.
  • TMS Series Automatic Tank Management Systems.
      • TMS3000: Multi-Tank Gauging System, 12 Tanks and 40 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000: Two Tank Gauging System, 8 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000W (Wireless): Multi-Tank Gauging System, 12 Tanks and 40 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS1000: Single-Tank Gauging System, Non-Hazardous Applications, 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
      • TMS2000A1x: 4-20 mA Input Tank Gauging System, 4 Tanks and 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.

    Pneumercator Probe

    • TMS2000A2x: Resistive Input Tank Gauging System, 4 Tanks and 4 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
    • TMS4000: Multi-Tank Gauging System w/Touch Screen, 48 Tanks and 48 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors.
    • TMS4000W (Wireless): Multi-Tank Gauging Sys. w/Touch Screen, 32 Tanks and 128 Leak/Pt. Level Sensors. 
  • Magnetostrictive Probes
  • Sensors
    • Point Level Sensors
      • LS600 Series (includes LS600, LS600W, LS600M, LS600F4, and LS600X)
    • Leak Sensors
      • LS600LD
      • LS610
      • RSU800
      • Pneumercator ES825 SensorES825 (Non-Discriminating and Discriminating)
      • HS100ND
      • HS100D
    • Line Leak Sensors
      • LLP203
  • TMS Communicator
    • TMSComm
    • Autopolling
    • TMS Network Configuration
  • Special Applications using flexible probes: Bulk Storage, Low Ceiling clearance, Chemicals.

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