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Universal Valve Retrofit Sump Covers Now Made in Stainless SteelUniversal Valve 1943 Stainless Steel Retrofit Sump Lid

Universal Valve Sump Retro Fit Cover Kit is designed to stop water before it becomes an environmental, equipment, and cost issue. Save time and money with Universal’s Retrofit Cover.Universal Valve 1943 Kit

      • No need to break concrete
      • Stainless Steel construction will not degrade or deteriorate over time
      • Only 2 measurements needed to order (sump opening & manway above sump)
      • Quick and easy installation (can be installed in under 15 minutes)
        Watch Installation Video

    Universal Valve 1943 Retrofit Sump Lid Install in Sump

    • No messy epoxies or glues needed means no waiting for them to cure and dry
    • Out of round sumps are not a problem as our 4″ wide ring makes working with egg shape opening sumps easy

Water deteriorates the equipment in the sump shortening the life of electronics, pumps and metal fittings. Creating maintenance problems when connections are rusted shut, wires become brittle and subject to shorting when moved. With Universal’s Stainless Steel Retrofit Sump Cover these issues can be alleviated.

Standard Available Model 1943 Retrofit Sump Lids
Model Range of Sump Openings Inner Manway ID Opening Required Height Weight
1943-2128 20.5” to 28.5” 29.5” 3.25” 42lbs
1943-2533 25” to 33.5” 34” 3.25” 50lbs
1943-2734 27” to 34.75” 34-3/4” 3.25” 58lbs
1943-3240 32” to 40” 41” 3.25” 65lbs
*Requires 5” or greater from the top of the sump riser to grade level manhole cover.Model 1943-2533 fits most 36” manways.
Model 1943 Replacement Parts
Part Numbers : Description Part Numbers : Description
1943-06-WHT : Monitor Cover/Ring Assembly 1943-PK : Replacement Knobs
1943-TB : Turnbuckles 1943-TUBE : Cross Bars
1943-TenB : Tension Block 1943-2128-G : Gasket
1943-2533-G : Gasket 1943-2734-G : Gasket
1943-3240-G : Gasket 1943-GK : Cover Gasket

Universal Valve Model 1983 U-Shaped Pipe Guards

Pipe Guards & Bollards Ready to Ship!

Pipe Guards & Bollards are a great way to protect property and expensive dispensers from traffic collisions. They are also a great way to create a safety perimeter.

Pipe Guards & BollardsUniversal Valve Model 1984 Straight Bollards

  • Constructed from Schedule 40 pipe
  • Available in primed black carbon steel or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Baseplates available for installs where concrete does not need to be broken
  • Optional PVC Sleeves for easy installation and replacement
  • Bollard Covers available to match station or building facades
  • Custom Sizes Available
Standard Available Model 1983 U-Shaped Pipe Guards
Model Description
(Width is outside pipe dimension)
Weight (lbs.)
1983-353656 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 36”w x 56”h 70.00
1983-354153 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 41”w x 53”h 70.00
1983-354850 U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 48”w x 50”h 70.00
1983-403656 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 36”w x 56”h 86.00
1983-404153 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 41”w x 53”h 86.00
1983-404174 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 41”w x 74”h 130.00
1983-404354 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 43”w x 54”h 86.00
1983-404851 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 48”w x 51”h 86.00
1983-404951 U-Shape Pipe Guard 4” OD x 49”w x 51”h 86.00
1983-353656-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 36”w x 56”h 70.00
1983-354153-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 41”w x 53”h 70.00
1983-354850-SS U-Shape Pipe Guard 3.5” OD x 48”w x 50”h 70.00
Standard Available Model 1984 UStraight Bollards
Model Diameter Length
1984-4063 4.0” 63”
1984-4084 4.0” 84”
1984-6063 6.625” 63”
1984-6084 6.625” 84”
1984-4063-SS 4.0” 63”
1984-4084-SS 4.0” 84”
1984-6063-SS 6.625” 63”
1984-6084-SS 6.625” 84”

Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Bollard CoversModel 1984-BC Bollard Covers

Bollard covers enhance and protect the appearance of bumper post steel bollards in all indoor and outdoor applications. Bollard covers are constructed from 1/8″ thick Polyethylene Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Spec Dimensions(HDPE and MDPE) and 3M #680 reflective tape for durability and long service life.

✔ 10 Standard colors
✔ 7 Reflective tape colors
✔ 8 Standard sizes for 4”, 6”, 8”, & 10”
✔ Patented GripperTabs™ installation is the fastest and easiest way to secure bollard covers

• 1/8” thick Polyethylene
• 3M 680 reflective tape

Universal Valve Model 1984-BC Bollard Cover Lineup There are a multitude of color and size options available; too many to list here! Click on this text or the image to the left to see the sample selection we have online of the most popular selling at this time.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 1.800.238.1225 or email us today!

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Universal!

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Omntec Proteus-K4 Basics HT OWS Monitor System

Omntec Logo

Introducing the Omntec® Proteus-K4 Basics Oil/Water Separator Monitor System.

The Proteus-K4 Basics OWS has been specifically configured to deal with oil/water separator tank environments, featuring Highland Tank OWS tanks. The various components that can be configured into the system allows the monitoring of:

  • Oil and water levels
  • Interstitial space on double wall tanks
  • Add wired or wireless displays for remote monitoring
  • Add up to 8 probes and 16 Bright Eye sensors
  • And more!

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Omntec Proteus-K4 OWS Basics Monitor System
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