Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers


Ransom Ware Threatens Marketers

Mark Radosevich wrote an article on January 17, 2018 that appears on the  Convenience Store Decisions website covering the growing concerns of cybercrimes within the petroleum marketer’s community.

Read the full article here on Convenience Store Decisions.

As the opening tagline states, “Cybercrime knows no bounds, and not paying attention to your computer security can trip up a company plenty.”

The article discusses what prime targets petroleum marketers are becoming for cybercrime and ransomware due to the high volume of customers and cash petroleum wholesalers and oil marketers deal with.  These attacks are further being fueled due to non-traditional banking intermediaries such as Bitcoin being involved to aid the nefarious schemers activities that makes finding such culprits far more difficult to impossible!

And while private individuals should be very concerned about identity theft and security, any and all businesses need to be far more concerned these days because they are dealing with the financial and personal data of thousands to millions of individuals along with that of their own business. And last I looked, technology is becoming more prevalent in everyone’s day to day life as time marches forward…unless you want to live in the wilds away from society that is.

It is always the best course of action to deal with highly qualified experts dedicated to cyber security to minimize the impact and fallout so you do not become the next victim.

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Important Security Notice On the ODIN Ransomware Virus

envisionlogoOur good friends at Envision Technology Advisors shared the following security notice on the ODIN ransomware virus.  Recently, a new variant of ransomware named ODIN has infected a number of companies. This security notice will explain what this virus is, how to avoid it, and what to do if your business becomes infected.

How To Avoid An Infection

If you receive an email from an address you do not recognize, be cautious when openng it and do NOT open unknown or unexpected email attachments and/or click on any unknown links.

Even if you recognize an email address, use discretion when opening all emails, attachments, or clicking links to the Web. When in doubt, contact your IT support.

What To Do If You Are Infected

If your computer becomes infected with this virus, shut your system down immediately and contact IT support.

Also contact IT support if you are unsure whether or not an attachment you have received is safe.

You can read the complete article here.

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