How C-Stores Are Profiting from Food Service Programs

The purpose of a convenience store is to provide customers with the ease of purchasing items while on the road. Convenience stores used to rely on tobacco and gas sales but since cigarette consumption is on a decline and gas prices are stable, c-store owners now wish to adopt more cost-effective ways to increase revenue. Although internal stores generate reasonable income, the products on the shelves already have a low profit margin. This is why owners have now turned to a lucrative method of adding food service programs to their c-stores.

How C-Stores Are Profiting from Food Service Programs

Ideal for every size of convenience store

Adding hot and readymade items to the menu is bound to increase the profitability of all kinds of c-stores from mom and pop shops to large chain units. Statistics show that adding a food service program increases c-store sales by 13%. Increase in revenue also means increase in customer return rates which is vital to remain at the top of the competition.

Here are some of the benefits and tips of implementing food service programs to c-stores.

The consumer’s need for speed

A significant component of a successful c-store food service program is speed and of course—convenience! Incorporating food that doesn’t take too long to make and is fairly ease to keep warm is key. This will require easy-to-use components that are portable and lightweight. Depending on whether or not your c-store has a kitchen area, you can either keep pre-made food or offer fresh food to your consumers.

Ensure the quality

From convenience stores to superstores, consumers have a lot of options to buy prepared food; therefore the key is to stand out in quality! Improvement in kitchen equipment over the last 20 years has brought c-store food service game up a notch. This allows c-stores to offer high quality food items in the same time or less as their fast-food competitors. In addition, train your employees with new equipment to ensure the best service for your customers.

Clean, lean and mean

The overall appearance of your store plays a vital role in your c-store’s profitability. Since people equate quality with cleanliness, you can foster consumer confidence with new and clean food product offerings.

Great value for money

Remember that people will only shop at your store if you exceed expectations in terms of the value for money. If you’re new to the convenience store food arena you can also consider serving name brand food products to establish customer loyalty and recognition.

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