Gilbarco Product End Of Life Notification: Legacy Electronic Series Pump

Gilbarco Legacy DispenserGilbarco has announced the end of life for the Legacy series electronic dispensers.

The Last Time to Buy (LTB) deadline has been set for December 9, 2022 with ship dates that may be scheduled until March 10, 2023. Orders are non-cancellable and ship dates can not be scheduled beyond March 10, 2023. All other Gilbarco Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the LTB.

See the table below for Gilbarco’s recommended Encore and Atlas replacements for the Legacy:

Legacy Model Number Legacy Description Gasboy Atlas Recommended Sub Option Item Number Encore Series Recommended Sub Option Item Number
JHA000 Single Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853S10-0D EN-500NA0-N1
JHA100 Dual Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N2
JHA200 Dual Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D EN-500NA1-N1
JHA400 Dual Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N1
JHA500 Dual Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D N/A
JHB310 Single Master Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853S10-0D EN-500NP3-N1
JHB410 Dual Master Dispenser, 1-Product A8-853T10-0D EN-500NA0-N2
JHB510 Dual Master Dispenser, 2-Product A8-853T20-0D EN-500NP3-N1
JHB600 Single Master Dispenser, 1-Product N/A EN-500NP3-N1
JHB800 Dual Master Dispenser, 2-Product N/A EN-500NP6-N1
JHC310 High Flow Single Satellite, 1-Product A9-216S1F-0P EN-500NP5-N1
JHC510 High Flow Dual Satellite, 2-Product N/A N/A
JHC600 Ultra-Hi Single Satellite, 1-Product N/A EN-500NP5-N1
JHC800 Ultra-Hi Dual Satellite, 2-Product N/A EN-500NP8-N1
JHD510 Master/Satellite Combo Dispenser N/A EN-500NP4-N2
JHD800 Master/Satellite Combo Dispenser N/A EN-500NP4-N2

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us at 1.800.238.1225 or Email Us.

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