Mastercard to phase out magstripe cards: What that means for you

End of an Era: Mastercard Phases Out Magstripe Cards + Implications for C-StoresEnd of an Era: Mastercard Phases Out Magstripe Cards + Implications for C-Stores

The end of swipe is upon us. Mastercard has announced it is phasing out the use of magstripe cards.
Yes, after six decades of swipes, that little magnetic stripe on the back of your bank cards is going away. The move has plenty of implications for convenience stores that have not upgraded to outdoor EMV.

Starting in 2024, Mastercard will no longer require its credit and debit cards to have a stripe in most markets. By 2027, U.S. banks will no longer be required to issue chip cards with a magnetic stripe. Mastercard expects to eliminate magstripes by 2033.

Before we discuss what this means for c-stores, let’s remember how we got here.

Back to the Future

The magstripe was invented in the 1960’s to replace flatbed imprinting machines (aka knuckle-busters), which cashiers used to record credit card information.

So how were stores able to instantly verify a customer’s account? They couldn’t. Instead, card companies would send merchants a list of bad account numbers and the merchant had to match their own lists to verify purchases.

Fast-forward to today, EMV chips are used for 86% of face-to-face card transactions globally. Only 11% of consumers still prefer the magstripe, according to a December 2020 survey paid for by Mastercard.

That negative consumer sentiment is directly related to the lack of security measures surrounding magstripes. Criminals have proven they can easily steal consumers’ cardholder data using malware and skimmers to embed that stolen data onto counterfeit magstripe cards. On the other hand, cards with EMV chips are encrypted and cannot be so easily stolen.

What Does it Mean for C-Stores?Outdoor EMV Liability Shifts to Convenience Store Retailers

For convenience stores that have already upgraded their fuel dispensers with outdoor EMV technology, it’s business as usual.

For retailers who still haven’t invested in modern payment technology as mandated by EMV regulations, business is about to become even more complicated. Mastercard was the first to take this position on magstripes; but the other major card brands are very likely to follow suite with their own plans to phase out magnetic stripes from credit cards.

If retailers with old equipment don’t upgrade soon, their customers could be forced to use cash to pay for gas inside the c-store. As most fuel business owners know, the lion-share of customers pay at the pump. Less than a third of consumers still use cash at all. Taking the pay-at-the-pump option off the table is a near-automatic business killer.

The end of magstripe cards isn’t the only problem non-compliant retailers face. Many major oil companies are now charging non-compliance fees for any station without EMV-ready forecourts. Some are even pulling the payment terminals out of the pumps altogether to avoid fraud.

The Bottom Line

Skipping on EMV? Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…
These complications are nothing compared to the constant and immediate threat of chargebacks as a result of fraud migration. As more retailers turn on EMV at the pump, criminals are seeking out easier targets that have not been upgraded.

While there are some tactics retailers can use in an attempt to mitigate fraud, none of them are as effective or foolproof as the mandated EMV upgrade.

Ready to start protecting your business and customers from fraud with EMV-compliant payment technology?

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CimTek 200/200A Series Filter End Of Life Notification

CimTek Filtration
200/200A Series Filters Will Be Discontinued As Of 10/1/21

I don’t know if we are just getting more notifications these days or it has just been a year where the manufacturers are in a self-reflective mode with their products’ performances and it is an opportunity to slim down during trying times to trim down on raw materials and what they deem as wasted effort but consolidation is a continual process across a broad line of products that do relatively the same thing but to varying degrees and it’s not necessarily a bad thing in all instances.

So the short and sweet of it is the following CimTek filters will no longer be offered as of *October 1, 2021:

*After 10/1/2021, we will continue to offer these discontinued models until our onhand inventory has been depleted.

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging as CimTek does have options!

Discontinued Direct Replacements
70002Cim-Tek 70002 200-10 10-Micron Filter Red Arrow 70003
70003 Cim-Tek Model 250-10 10 Micron Filter

CimTek 70004
Red Arrow 70005
CimTek 70005
CimTek 70046 200-30 Filter

Red Arrow 70088
CimTek 70088 250-30 Filter
70045Cimtek 70045 200A-30 Filter Red Arrow 70089CimTek 70089 250A-30

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Gilbarco Passport Edge EOL Notification

Gilbarco Passport Edge

Passport Edge EOL

Product End of Life Notification | July 23, 2021

This is a notice that Gilbarco has decided to end of life the Passport Edge product. Gilbarco has stopped selling new hardware and services for Passport Edge as of July 1, 2021. We sincerely appreciate your support of the Passport Edge product, and your understanding with any inconvenience caused by this end of life.

Service End Date: On December 31, 2021, all existing Passport Edge services will be terminated. The services included are help desk, Insite360, hardware warranty, and software updates. Until Cancellation a site will continue to be invoiced for their Passport Edge system and/or service. All invoicing for Passport Edge systems and service will cease December 31st if the contract has not been cancelled prior to that date.

The cancellation agreement can be found here.

Replacement Options: Gilbarco will waive all Passport Edge subscription cancellation fees. We will also offer sites the ability to keep the existing Edge hardware. The site will need to purchase a Passport trade-up and receipt printer (the IP based Edge receipt printers are not supported by Passport). They can utilize most of the Edge hardware including PIN pads, cash drawer, UPS, keyboard, mouse, etc., in order to minimize replacement costs. An annual PSO contract will also be required between the site but reactivation fees will be waived if necessary until the end of the year. The site can contact contract services at 1-866-606-8969 to sign up for PSO.

Existing Hardware: For all existing Passport Edge hardware, the title will transfer to the end customer, and can be re-purpose or donated.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-451-4021 or Email Us with any further questions or inquiries prior to December 31, 2021.

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Veeder-Root Wireless Pressurized Line Leak Detection EOL Notification

Wireless Pressurized Line Leak Detection (WPLLD)Wireless Pressurized Line Leak Detection (WPLLD) EOL

Back on may 10, 2021, Veeder-Root first announced the end of life for WPLLD systems and have just announced the same for WPLLD spare parts that will affect the global market.

Veeder-Root is recommending customers transition to the Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD) system for those with or looking at the TLS4 series consoles and standard Pressurized Line Leak Detection (PLLD) for those with TLS-350 systems.Click on the link below to read the full notification and all systems and components that will be impacted.

CLICK HERE to read the full WPLLD EOL Notification!
Veeder-Root Global Markett

About DPLLD:

Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD) provides 3.0 GPH hourly and optional 0.2 GPH and 0.1 GPH precision
line leak detection for the TLS-450PLUS.Veeder-Root Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD)
Note: Reference End of Sale (EOS) – TLS-350 Series ATG Systems (5706047-391) for additional details on the TLS-350 Consoles and Spare Parts.


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CLICK HERE to read the full WPLLD EOL Notification!

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Gilbarco Cash Acceptor EOL Notification

Gilbarco Encore CIM

Encore S and 700S
Cash Acceptor EOL

This End of Life notification applies to the product known as the Encore Cash Acceptor option. This applies to the Encore S and 700S variants. This option is being declared end of life due to low order rates.

This notification is to inform you the Cash Acceptor option is being discontinued in 2021 and Gilbarco will accept Last Time Buy (LTB) orders by a deadline of August 20th, 2021. After this date no further purchase orders will be accepted for this product.

Ship dates against Last Time Buy (LTB) orders may be scheduled between now and October 29th, 2021. Orders are non-cancellable and cannot be rescheduled beyond this date. All other Gilbarco Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the LTB order.

If you have any questions regarding this notice , please feel free to contact us at 1-800-451-4021 or Email Us with any further questions or inquiries.

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