Check Out OPW’s Virtual Trade Show!

When The Trade Show Must Go On…
OPW is Bringing the Trade Show Experience to YOU – Virtually!

Since all the Spring trade shows have been canceled, OPW decided to bring the trade show experience to you by way of our new OPW Virtual Trade Show.

Through a series of short but comprehensive videos filmed at the Exhibit Logistics studio, Ed Kammerer, OPW Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy will walk you through one of OPW’s trade show booths and guide you, feature-by-feature, through new-product demonstrations. You’ll also have instant access to OPW’s library of animations and product literature that support these new products, just like you were at the show! Watch. Learn. Discover more about the latest and greatest product innovations from OPW, including:

  • 14 Series Nozzles
  • Product Guide App
  • High-Flow Loop System
  • Much more!

The OPW Virtual Trade Show is now live. Click here to sign up today for free access.

OPW University on YouTube

OPW University on YouTube

And if you are one of the many that is in lock down looking to brush up on product knowledge, another great OPW online resource for binge-watching industry videos can be found at OPW University on YouTube. They cover a variety of topics across their wide line of product offerings and OPW is constantly adding to it.










And don’t forget, you can purchase many of OPW’s products online at And if you can’t find it on our site, not to worry!  Feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1.800.238.1225.

OPW Engineered Systems OPW Retail Fueling
OPW Engineered Systems Fibrelite OPW Fuel Management Systems OPW Retail Fueling
OPW Engineered Systems Fibrelite OPW Fuel Management Systems OPW Retail Fueling


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OPW Introduces the FibreTite Tank Sump

OPW FibreTite Tank SumpFibreTite Tank SumpsFibreTite Tank Sumps

OPW will be phasing out the FlexWorks® TSMF/TSDF tank sump series at the end of August 2018 to make way for their latest line of tank sumps.

From the engineering labs of FLEXWORKS® and FIBRELITE, OPW has made the best even better. Meet the newest member of the FibreTite Family of sumps, the most watertight sumps on the market today.

Designed to meet all the new 2018 EPA UST regulations

OPW FibreTite tank sumps function as a liquid-tight isolation container providing secondary containment for tank fittings valves, pumps and FlexWorks® or Fiberglass pipe fittings.

FibreTite provides surface access to the tank itself, as well as a clean and dry environment for future service and maintenance. The height-adjustable top-hat accommodates different tank bury depths.

Dimensions:OPW RK-5000 Resin Kit

OPW FibreTite Tank Sump DimensionsAt this time, OPW offers 10 different configurations of the FibreTite tank sump.  You can get the FibreTite tank sump in either a 42″ or 48″ diameter with a 33″ or 37″ diameter lid and a height range of 33.5″ to 53″. The sump can be configured with either a solid bottom or collar mount design.

Additional RK-5000 resin kits (sold separately) are required to attach the top hat and collar ring.  The additional quantities needed will depend on the FibreTite tank sump configuration you purchase.

The Kennedy Company’s most popular selling TSMF/TSDF series tank sump at this time is the TSMF-4536 medium burial version and will be directly replaced with the FibreTite FTSM-4233CR medium burial fiberglass tank sump with  collar ring mount, which can be found by clicking here.

View the OPW FibreTite Tank Sump catalog page.


If you would like to learn more about the OPW FibreTite fiberglass tank sumps, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.451.4021!



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OPW Announces New FibreTite Multiport Spill Container

opw-fibretiteOPW has announced their new FibreTite Multiport Spill Containment System, which is now CARB EVR approved.  These containers are designed with a lightweight composite cover for long-term water tight performance and meet all CARB and EVR requirements, as well as being certified for use on all existing standard gasoline Phase 1 Vapor Recovery Certification Phase 1 EVR Executive Orders.  Among the features included are an integrated inspection port system, a removable flange in the container base, and a composite lift cover and optional levered plumber seal covers for easy access.


For additional information, check out the distributor bulletin and the official part brochure.




The John W. Kennedy Company appreciates your business and continued support!

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