Bravo Technical Service Bulletin: Installing New Construction Fittings in Cold Climates

Bravo LogoInstalling New Construction Fittings in Cold Climates

Bulletin Description

• Proper heat curing of epoxy in cold weather conditions.
• In weather conditions below 50°F, heat will be needed to cure epoxy used for the  installations of Bravo full body fittings and test reducers. However, do not heat the fitting above 150°F. Extremely high temps can damage entry fittings and cause test ports to leak.

Do not use NOV heat blankets directly on full body fittings. These greatly exceed the allowable installation temperature and will damage the fitting bodies as well as the test ports.

  • Recommendation: Sustain heat on the entire interior of sump until full cure cycle has been achieved.
  • Warning: Before applying heat make sure LEL ( Lower Explosive Limit) are measured and are at safe levels.
  • Tip: Use an IR temperature gauge to measure surface temperature of sump and fittings.

1) Pre-heat sump and fitting to a maximum of 150°F.
2) Pre-heat Bravo epoxy to a maximum of 100°F.
3) Apply Bravo epoxy to the fitting per installation guide.
4) Sustain temperature of fitting/adhesive following cure charts.
5) Do not move or adjust sumps or fittings during cure cycle.
6) Make sure the adhesive is fully cured before conducting a testing following epoxy manufacturers’ guidelines.

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Bravo Fitting Installation Technical Service Bulletin

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Additionally, there is a new Nationally Recognized Standard (EPA recognized) for sump repair and maintenance available to the industry in NLPA/KWA 823.

Site Survey Tips for Repair Evaluation and Parts Specification Support


Icon does not require any specific format for information to be submitted for a parts specification service from our technical support team.  We have supplied downloadable versions of the Sump Survey for your convenience. The form will assist you in organizing the details needed to provide the service. As always, if you need help or have any questions regarding the Sump Survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Site Survey Suggestions & Tips Site Survey Form

Sending to JWK

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*PREVIEW OF SUMP SURVEYIcon Sump Survey Worksheet


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S. Bravo Systems, Inc. Launches Bravo Solution Center

Bravo LogoS. Bravo Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new Bravo Solution Center.Bravo Products - Problem Solved!

Over the past year plus, Bravo has been on a tear improving and expanding every aspect of their business. 

So keeping inline with their goals, contractors and installers now have the ability to call, email and most importantly, text images to the Bravo home office. Based on Bravo’s beta testing of their new Solution Center, the feedback has been extremely positive and being well received by those in the field already.  We are encouraging everyone to take advantage of this resource and support as well as the technology that now allows for live footage and photos to be taken at the job site and immediately sent in to the Bravo Solution Center.

The Solution Center is led by Keith Pearson with Don Mukai serving as back-up when needed. Bravo is committed to responding to all incoming inquiries and requests within 3 hours.

EMAIL:                    or

TEXT OR CALL:         1.323.541.3852

HOURS:                           Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm EST  (7:00am – 4:00pm PST)

Cumberland Farms & Bravo

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NOV Fiber Glass Systems Introduces New Split Sump Entry Fitting


splitsump-entry-fittingNOV Fiber Glass Systems has announced their product line will feature a new Split Sump Entry Fitting (SSEF).  These fittings, designed to be used with 3/4″ and 1″ conduit as well as 2″-4″ Red Thread IIA and Dualoy fiberglass pipe.  Comprised of two halves bonded together with PSX-34 adhesive, the SSEF is made from the same compression molded fiberglass as other UL971-listed fittings.  The design of this fitting is made for easy installation and retrofitting.


For more information, check out the official Installation Guide and the Marketing & Brand Bulletin.



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