It’s Time To Upgrade Your Passport® POS Operating System

GoodbyeWindows 7 Logo Windows 7!

Gilbarco’s Passport® Point-of-Sale (POS) System software versions 12.03 and prior utilize Windows 7 as the operating system (OS).

Microsoft is ending support of Windows 7* and will no longer provide:
  • Software Updates
  • Application Patches
  • Security Updates
  • Technical Support

Gilbarco Veeder-RootHow this affects your Passport POS System

Your Passport POS System will continue to function, but your operating system (OS) Combo/Server will not be optimized or receive updates.

Introducing Windows 10 Logo Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system is now required with all Passport POS systems and is included beginning with version 20.

Windows 10 provides Better Performance with Solid-State Drives (SSD)
• 75% FASTER reboots
• 60% FASTER data backups
• Handle 30% MORE transactions per hour without seeing authorization times start to increase
• FASTER installation of upgrades

Improved Security
Upgrading to the latest Passport POS System hardware with Windows 10 OS, assures you’ll have the most secure, robust POS solution that minimizes the risk of security or data breaches.

The risks of not upgrading to Windows 10 Logo Windows 10

  • Passport POS Systems running on Windows 7 are at high risk of not being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.*
  • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requires all merchants processing cardholder data to use systems that are still supported by their respective OS vendors or have a plan to migrate to the new system if it is not yet available.


PX60 Combo/Server – Running Windows 7 Professional Operating System, Microsoft Support Ended January 2020*. All other Passport devices (EDH/Client) – Running Windows 7 POS Embedded Operating System – Microsoft Support Ends October 2021*.
* New patches, feature enhancements, and security updates will not be released for Windows 7 after this date, work with your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) on your plan to maintain PCI compliance.

Identifying YOUR Passport® POS Hardware & Upgrade Package

This simple guide will help you select the specific Gilbarco Passport POS Software Version 20 package designed to work seamlessly with Windows 10.

Passport®POS PX51/PX52

Passport® POS PX51/PX52

Purchase an upgrade to PX60 Combo, Server or Client, or Passport Edge running Version 20 or higher with Windows 10
Windows 10 cannot be installed on PX51 or PX52 model systems.

Enhanced Dispenser Hub1EDH1 - Hub2EDH2

Enhanced Dispenser Hub 1 EDH1/Hub 2 EDH2

Purchase an EDH2 with Version 20 or higher with Windows 10 to replace EDH1
Purchase an EDH2 Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®POS PX60

Passport® POS PX60

Purchase a Combo, Server, or Client Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®Express Lane Self-Checkout

Passport® Express Lane Self-Checkout

Purchase a Client Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit

Passport®Edge POS

Passport® Edge POS

Purchase a PS65 EDGE Server Version 20 or higher Windows 10 Upgrade Kit
Passport EDGE Subscription customers will receive kits at no charge per their subscription agreement.


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