Installing ENCORE-CNG Gilbarco to Improve the Bottom Line of Your Gas Station

A man filling compressed natural gas in a natural gas vehicle

According to a report on GlobeNewswire, The Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) market worldwide is projected to grow by US$16.7 million. The same report forecast that the United States will maintain a 6.4% growth momentum. These vehicles are powered using compressed natural gas (CNG), a clear, odorless, and non-corrosive gas.

NGVs produce 20 to 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. They are an ideal choice for environmental-conscious consumers who cannot switch to electronic vehicles, which come with hefty price tags. The growing demand for CNG presents a lucrative opportunity for gas station owners.

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Installing ENCORE-CNG Gilbarco can improve the bottom line of your gas station. Find out more about the dispenser here:

ENCORE-CNG Gilbarco by John W. Kennedy


ENCORE-CNG Gilbarco is a high-quality CNG dispenser manufacture by a leading brand called Gilbarco, a leading brand in the petroleum equipment industry. The dispenser is equipped with the latest technology. It can supply compressed natural gas with maximum safety and efficiency. Here are some key benefits of ENCORE-CNG Gilbarco:

High-level technology

The Encore-CNG dispenser is powered by advanced software that enables accurate and temperature compensated fill for every NGV. It uses ANGI’s class-leading compression systems and high-quality sensors. With efficient pipe sizes and full ported ball valves, the Gilbarco’s dispenser offers the highest fueling flows in the industry.

Optimized User Interface

The simple and intuitive user interface enables gas station owners to manage their operations effectively. The availability of advanced capabilities and features provides flexibility to configure different strategies. The ANGI Energy System’s valve panels allow seamless integration with your existing fuel systems to improve the efficiency of fuel operations.

Connection Flexibility

Encore-CNG dispensers provide connection flexibility, eliminating the need to install multiple CNG fuel dispensers at your gas station. You can use the same CNG dispenser for standard and high flow applications to cater to light-duty NGVs and heavy-duty NGVs, saving you investments costs and valuable space at your gas station.

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