EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 Automatic Tank Gauges shipped from Franklin Fueling Systems between the period of January 19, 2021 and April 23, 2021 with controller module firmware versions 2.23.2 and 2.23.3 require an immediate firmware update!!

If you purchased a unit manufacturer during this time, you will need to update to firmware version 2.23.4 ASAP!
For a list of affected serial numbers, please contact Franklin Fueling Support Center at 1.800.984.6266 or submit a ticket

You can read the tech update for instructions on the firmware update.

Tech Update

Download the Latest EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000 Firmware Upgrade

Be sure to fill out the form to get the firmware upgrade as well as to unlock and receive the latest software updates!

Upgrade Instructions
Upgrade Instructions
Release Notes
Release Notes

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FFS PRO TECH UPDATE – OPV Drop Tube Calculation

NEW FFS PRO E-Forms Available for Download!

FFS OPV Interactive Calculation Form

OPV Drop Tube Calculation

Franklin Fueling Systems has a new interactive and electronic version of the Defender Series® Overfill Prevention Valve Installation Worksheet that you can download here.  This worksheet can be downloaded and completed by typing values and calculations directly into the form. It does not automatically perform the calculations but does provide typical values in some of the fields that can be adjusted in accordance with local regulations.  You can then save the completed worksheet as a digital file or print it out for a clean and legible worksheet.




Defender Overfill Prevention Valve Inspection Guide & Checklist


There is also a step-by-step inspection guide and checklist. The Defender Series® Overfill Prevention Valve allows inspection without removal from the tank as explained in the Tech Update you can download here.  Like the calculation worksheet, you can enter all the information directly into the form on the screen then print or save the file digitally.  Again, it will not automatically perform the required calculations necessary to complete the form.



You can find the Defender Series Overfill Prevention Valve, OPV Remote Testing & Roll Crimping Tools directly on our site:
Defender Series Overfill Prevention Valve


Defender Series® Overfill Prevention Valve : You will find the most common configuration on our site with others available. You can see a complete list of the current available choices here.


Defender OPV Remote Testing Tool



708-534-901 OPV Remote Testing Tool

Defender OPV Roll Crimping Tool



708-535-901 OPV Roll Crimping Tool




Franklin Fueling Systems provides you with the technical information you need to be efficient and accurate in the office or out in the field.  Be sure to visit the FFS PRO Univeristy Campus online today for more technical news, tips and tricks!


Please feel free to contact us  at 1.800.238.1225 with any further questions about the Defender Series® overfill protection valves, Franklin Fueling System products or any other refueling equipment questions or needs you currently have.


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FFSPRO Tech Update – Free Online EVO Training & FMP-LL3 Digital Probe Backward Compatibility

FMP-LL3 Digital ProbesThe Campus Tech UpdateFMP Digital Probe Wiring Options

Franklin Fueling System has one of the best online resources for documentation, videos and online training.


Did you know Franklin Fueling Systems’ new FMP-LL3 Series probes are backwards compatible with most of their existing ATGs? If you did, you are pretty well informed and must be utilizing those online resources Franklin Fueling has to offer already.  If not, head on over to The Campus for details on the proper wiring methods and learn more by clicking here!



As the saying goes, “If it’s for free, it’s for me!”  That means you should really check out Franklin Fueling Systems’ new EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 automatic tank gauge model training in wiring, installation and programming. Learn more by clicking here!

Be sure to explore both of the above links provided to see what other technical offerings Franklin has to offer.  Great resources to have on hand when you have questions in the field.

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FFS Pro Tech Update

FFS Pro Tech Update

FFS Pro Alarms

Set High and High High Alarms Without Using a Tank Chart

EVO™ Series software allows you to set the High and High High alarms without using tank charts to calculate percentages.  Click here to learn more.



FFS Pro Fuel Management Software


Get Certified on Fuel Management Software

Get certified on fuel management systems programming including preparation, direct connection, network interface, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  Click here to learn more.




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