Veeder-Root: Technical Support Notification TLS-450PLUS & TLS4 Series – iButton Obsolescence

TLS-450PLUS & TLS4 Series
iButton Obsolescence


As of March 2022, iButtons are no longer being used in consoles with software version 10.C or later. The software
features will be stored directly on the CPU Boards. The CPU Boards will still have a socket for the iButton but will have a “NOT USED” decal included (see image below).
IMPORTANT: The iButton is still needed for consoles with software version 10.B or prior.
Veeder-Root TLS iButton

All TLS-450PLUS & TLS4 Series Consoles

CPU Board Replacement
✏ Software version 10.C or later will no longer use the iButton.
✏ Software version 10.B or prior will continue to use the iButton and it must be moved to the new CPU.

iButton Replacement
Replacement iButtons are no longer available.
✏ TLS-450PLUS consoles with defective iButtons will require the new CPU and software version 10.C or later.
✏ TLS4 Series consoles with defective iButtons do not require replacing the CPU but must be upgraded to software version 10.C or later.

Migrating a TLS-450 to a TLS-450PLUS Console

Migration kits are no longer available for purchase. Last time buy was December 31, 2021. However, if you have a migration kit, follow these steps to migrate a TLS-450 to a TLS-450PLUS console.

1. Create a backup of the TLS-450 using the thumb drive provided in the kit.
2. Install the new CPU and SD card.

IMPORTANT: Do not move iButton to the new CPU.

3. Restore the TLS-450 back-up into the TLS-450PLUS.

Note: In some circumstances, a “Media Access Error” may occur but will clear once the database restore is complete.

Veeder-Root TLS450 to TLS450PLUS

Download the complete TSN here!Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS & TLS4 Series – iButton Obsolescence


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