Gilbarco Announces FlexPay Connect Product Update

Gilbarco Veeder-Root
As part of their continued efforts to mitigate supply chain issues resulting from the global semiconductor chip shortage, Gilbarco Veeder-Root© will release an updated version of the BRCM2© in late Q3 2021.

The updated version has a newer chipset which strengthens their ability to supply this product and is fully backward compatible to the current FlexPay Connect© V2 hardwareGilbarco FlexPay Connect© V2 in the field. There are not any firmware or software changes necessary in the dispenser or with the POS equipment.

During the transition period, orders will be switched to updated BRCM2 based on inventories of each item. Once inventory of the PA0422 series is exhausted, all orders will receive the PA0435 series BRCM2.

Old Part Number New Part Number Supports Configurations Forecourt Connections


PA0435200032 Dispensers with DCM2.X or DCM3 Up to 32 connections with current loop and high speed


PA0435200002 Dispensers with DCM2.X or DCM3 Up to 32 high speed connections.

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