The EMV Deadline Has Passed: What Should You Expect?

The April 17, 2021 EMV deadline is finally over. What does it mean for your gas station business? Let’s find out!

The deadline for gas stations and c-stores in the United States to become EMV-compliant has finally passed. The first deadline was proposed in 2015, which was revised multiple times until October 1, 2020. This was supposed to be the final deadline, but the outbreak of COVID-19 gave another lifeline to gas stations as it was further delayed to April 17, 2021. Now that we’re past the deadline, the liability for fraudulent transactions will be shifted to merchants.

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Liability shift for fraudulent transactions

Gas station owners who have not modified their pumps to accept EMV-enabled cards are now liable for fraudulent transactions at their facility. EMV technology is intended to protect customers’ personal details. The chip card generates a new number for each transaction, making counterfeiting virtually impossible. EMV-compliance was aimed to protect fuel retailers from financial liability, so there are consequences sure to follow.

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Will there be another extension?

It’s improbable that another extension is on the cards, given the fact that the initial deadline has already been delayed three times. The recent delay was made only since the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn created obstacles for fuel retailers to comply. While NACS—the association for convenience and fuel retailing—has sent a letter seeking a further delay, the chances of EMV deadline deferring to a new date are slim.

What Should You Expect?

Gas station owners who remain non-compliant will assume responsibility for fraudulent transactions at their locations. Every day, your business is under threat of significant financial losses. Chip technology is designed to improve security, and not upgrading your fuel pumps to meet compliance makes your gas station business vulnerable.

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Final words

The increased level of hacking and skimming activities associated with non-EMV transactions means your business is under a significant threat of financial losses. The United States Secret Service seizes numerous card-skimming devices every week, and this issue will remain prevalent until fuel retailers don’t upgrade their pumps. There’s still time to counteract fraudulent card charges by becoming compliant. So, act now to protect your business.

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