Franklin Fueling Systems Desiccant Packs: An Economical Way To Prevention Corrosion In Tank Sumps

Desiccant PacksFranklin Fueling Systems Desiccant Packs

Corrosion in tank sumps is one of the leading causes to to increased maintenance bills due to accelerated corrosion that ultimately will take place.  When technicians can’t access equipment in the tank sump environment due to corrosion, service calls take much longer to complete, this increasing labor costs ..unless you do something about it!

Many marketers are now becoming more proactive and taking corrosion inside their tanks sumps much more seriously  these days and one of the most cost effective solutions they can reach for Franklin Fueling Systems Desiccant Packs.  This simple in-sump solution absorbs humidity in the sump environment before it can begin corrosive damage to components.

FFS EVO 6000 Automatic Tank GaugeFFS Desiccant Pack SensorYou can hang the Desiccant Pack off an existing unistrut or use it in conjunction with your EVO Series ATG and the Desiccant Pack Sensor as well.
Franklin Fueling Systems Unistrut

And if you are looking for a full blown solution, be sure to check out Franklin Fueling Systems Corrosion Control!
Franklin Fueling Systems Corrosion Control

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