Lights Will Guide You Home—Can Proper Lighting Help You Attract More Customers?

Lights Will Guide You HomeProper lighting in a gas station is necessary for the safety of customers and staff. However, proper lighting is also imperative for gas stations in order to create an attractive retail environment so that more and more customers are drawn towards it.

Gas stations are something that can be found in almost every end of a busy street. With such cut-throat competition, gas stations can’t ignore the importance of investing in lighting to boost their business.

Exterior lighting

Customers aren’t likely to pull over to a gas station that is dimly lit for several reasons:

  • There is an increased risk of accident or injury because of a gas leak or spill
  • There could be a security risk, as mugging is common in poorly lit places
  • They will face difficulty in refueling their vehicle and inspecting it

Adequate exterior lighting with flood lights, and other illumination solutions is imperative for any gas station during the night, in order to make customers feel secure. Almost all motorist look at the forecourt before entering, and if the station isn’t adequately lit, they are likely to turn back and look for another.

Interior lighting

Interior lighting is more of a marketing tactic in order to increase sales. Through indoor lighting, gas stations are able to create an aesthetically appealing retail environment for their customers. This is particularly important if there are several gas stations nearby.

Interior lighting is particularly important for the convenience stores. Attractive product displays with bright interiors can entice motorists to go inside the convenience store and shop.

However, proper lighting isn’t enough to boost sales. If you’re investing in lighting, so is every other gas station. Read on to find out some more tactics that can complement your attractive lighting display.


You shouldn’t be afraid to sell your gas station customer service and products to the customers. Putting up signs of offers and promotions can really be the differentiating factor that your gas station needs.

Window displays on the convenience stores is also a good idea to promote the products being sold inside the convenience store.

Customer service

Customers aren’t likely to return to a gas station which provided very poor customer service the last time they visited.

Customers should be cared for when they visit your gas station, and if they feel valued they are likely to come back. A great way to improve customer satisfaction is to have customer feedback system in place, which will allow you to get feedback directly from the customers, while also letting them feel heard.

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