Things to Seriously Avoid at a Gas Station

Things to Seriously Avoid at a Gas StationThere are a number of flammable gas and petroleum based fuels in a gas station. Although we only stop at a gas station for a few minutes, we should be careful when we are refueling our tanks.

Disaster can happen within seconds and you may never know what went wrong.

Here are the things that you should always avoid doing at a gas station:

Not turning off the engine

The engine should never be ignited while refueling, as it can cause a fire. All ignitions should be off, including cooking units, pilot lights and tanker heater.

Light a cigarette

Never smoke at a gas station or light a match. Keep your lighters safely tucked in your pocket. There are fuel vapors in the air, and even a little spark from your lighter can cause a fire.

Reenter your car while refueling

Reentering your car while refueling can build static energy, especially in cold and dry weather. Any spark from static energy, combined with gasoline fume, can cause a mini explosion.

If you really must get back in your car, make sure to discharge all the static energy by touching something metal.

Use your cell phone

Although there is no evidence to support the possibility of cell phone sparks being the culprit behind fires in gas stations, it is still safe not to use them.

There is lots of traffic in the gas station with cars standing bumper to bumper, so the best thing to do is avoid using cell phones.

Breathe vapors

If you feel that that the odor of fuel is too strong, this means that there are a lot of vapors in the air. You shouldn’t breathe in these vapors for more than a few seconds as it can cause some serious respiratory problems.

Cover your mouth and nose while filling or move to an area with fresh air. Try to go to gas stations that have wide open spaces.

Overfill the tank

Overfilling the tank can cause spillage of oil on the ground, which can be dangerous for you and others. Most gas pumps stop automatically when the tank is full.

Let your children out

Your children may be really fascinated about cars and gadgets, or could be curious to learn how a gas pump works. But you should never let your children out during refueling.

Firstly, their lungs are more vulnerable to gas fumes. Secondly, any splash from the nozzle will happen right at their face level, which is even more dangerous.

Are you a gas station owner? Post these safety guidelines at your gas station!


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