The Essentials of Gas Station Forecourt Lighting

On the long stretches of highway miles, in the darkest hours of night – stands your gas station. Lonely but proud, it looks forward to serving the cars that are about to pass by.

Essentials of Gas StationFuel is not the only thing your gas station has to offer to prospective customers; snacks and meals prime its pride offerings. At the very least, a temporary hideout from the monotony of the drive, from the fatigue of the urban ride.

And so it stands, waiting to serve its first customer…

But take this as a given – a fact in writing – that your customers are unlikely to hit your gas station if it’s poorly lit.

That’s not us saying that – it’s your customers!

According to a foot traffic analysis performed by GasBuddy (the data set involved 30,000 U.S gas stations), pumps that have good foreclosure lighting receive 50% more in foot traffic in comparison to stations that are underlit.  

Now that doesn’t mean you should turn your pumping station into a brightly lit carnival.

Of course, no one is stopping you, but it wouldn’t be wise to do so—electricity does not come cheap.

Rather, you should look to employ a lighting strategy that can reduce your station’s overall lighting costs while at the same time can make your station welcoming to drivers.

canopy lighting fixtures

One way of accomplishing that is to use canopy lighting fixtures that are designed to increase perceived light levels. They give your gas station the look of a brightly lit pump and does not consume much in power either.

However, make sure you don’t install those sodium lamps in your canopy lighting fixtures. Drivers don’t find yellow light attractive; they prefer the white.

You can use fluorescent white bulbs or LED, but we will suggest to use the latter. There are two reasons for that:

  • First, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps
  • Second, they tend to last longer than their fluorescent counterparts

This way, you won’t only save in electricity bills, but you’ll also be able to save in replacement costs – all the while keeping your gas station brightly lit.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when installing foreclosure lighting is to avoid the use of box-mounted or hanging fixtures. Such lighting fixtures can give your gas station an undesirable appearance. You want your gas station to look neat and tidy.

LSI canopy lighting fixture

Our 56116 LSI canopy lighting fixture comes in mounted flush configuration, which makes its installation non-intrusive and allows station owners to maintain their canopy’s original look.

Getting the deployment of your forecourt lighting is very important; it helps you to attract more customers to your gas station at night.

Check out our lighting fixtures inventory today and get your gas station all brightly lit!

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