The Risks Posed by Leaks in Pressurized Systems—Why Should You Invest in a Line Leak Detection System


A line leak detection system is an important tool for gas station owners as it notifies them if there are any problems in the pressurized piping system.

This minimizes the impact of any leak that may have on the surrounding ground, in case the leak penetrates double wall piping system.

What is a pressurized system?

In the US and most countries around the world, gas stations store fuel in underground storage tanks with submersible pumps and motors.

Utilizing pressurized systems, the fuel is sucked from the tank and pushed through the piping and dispenser into the vehicle.

The lines remain under constant pressure between the check valve in the submersible pump head, to the solenoid valve located inside the dispenser after the submersible pump shuts off.  Fuel is usually pumped from the tank at a typical pressure of 30 pounds per square inch (psi), but some piping systems may be pressurized up to 60 psi.

Why Install a Line Leak Detection System?

When it comes to gas stations, most leaks that occur underground are instigated in the piping rather than the tank itself.

If there’s a leak in any line of the pressurized system, a large quantity of fuel can be leaked into the ground in a very short duration of time, which can be extremely dangerous.

To safeguard against this problem, the regulations pertinent to the federal underground tank require automatic line-leak detectors installed in pressurized systems.

Choosing a high-quality line leak detection system can significantly reduce the risk associated with leakage in pressurized systems.

The device can detect the leak in the piping of a pressurized system, which allows prompt actions to be taken to avoid catastrophic accidents due to leaks.

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How does it work?

Line leak detection is installed on the submersible pumps. There are mechanical line leak detectors and electronic options added on to the submersible pump and tied into an automatic tank gauge (ATG) system.

If pressure in the pressurized lines falls drastically , the mechanical leak detector severely limits the flow of fuel through the line.

This serves as an alert and can prevent a catastrophic spill, while an electronic line leak detector sends an alarm condition to the ATG that triggers visual and audible alarms.

Electronic line leak detection also performs statistical analysis of the lines over time to send an alert if a line fails this test as well when the option is installed.

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