Gas Station Equipment Guide: Submersible Turbine Pumps

Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) have been a commonplace at U.S gas stations since the 1970s, when they replaced the less efficient suction pumps as the primary means of pumping motor fuel. This blog provides an introduction to these staple gas station equipment.

Gas Station Equipment Guide

What are submersible turbine pumps used for?

Submersible turbine pumps are used to safely pump fuel from underground storage tanks to fuel dispensers. They come in fixed- and variable-speed configurations and are specified for numerous motor fuels, including bio-fuels.

How submersible turbine pumps work

Submersible turbine pumps are installed inside storage tanks, where they are submerged in fuel. Using rotational force, they impart velocity to fuel and then convert that velocity into flow, thereby completing the fuel transfer process. The pump intake of a submersible turbine pump is typically set a few inches from the bottom of the storage tank.

Keeping submersible turbine pumps in good shape

Given the crucial role submersible turbine pumps play in maintaining gas station operations, keeping them in good shape should be the priority of every facility owner. Below are some tips to help you extend the life of your submersible turbine pump and ensure they’re running at maximum efficiency:

  • Service the submersible turbine pumps regularly

Debris in storage tanks can accumulate over time in submersible turbine pumps, causing components of the pumps to fail. It is, therefore, imperative that submersible turbine pumps are serviced regularly to avoid debris accumulation and prevent premature pump failure.

  • Install intake filter screens to limit the amount of debris entering the pumps

This tip is an extension to the previous one. Installing Intake Filter Screens (IFSs) at the inlets of your submersible turbine pumps will greatly limit the amount of debris entering the pumps, and thus the damage caused by it.

  • Monitor operations to avoid dry runs

Running a submersible turbine pump when there is no product in the storage tank can cause critical damage to the pump assembly. Therefore, you must keep a constant check on the level of your fuel stock in the storage tank to avoid dry pump runs. Install a dry run detection device for additional safety.

This brings us to the end of our blog post; we hope you found the read helpful.

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