4 Questions to Ask Your Supplier Before Purchasing DEF

Ever since the EPA mandated the use of DEF (short for Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in diesel powered vehicles, DEF has become a staple at many fueling stations and truck stops. Retailers view it as an additional source of income, and by selling the product at their facility, they believe they can attract more customers to their business.

However, when it comes to selling DEF, there’s one important consideration that every retailer should keep in mind:

The quality of DEF can vary from supplier to supplier.

Manufacturing standards and storage conditions can affect the quality of DEF. Since you buy your stock of DEF from a supplier, it’s vital to ensure that you’re buying the highest quality grade and not some low quality DEF.

How can you ensure that?

By asking your supplier these 4 important questions…

1) Is the DEF Manufacturer Industry Certified?

A typical DEF supply chain consists of a manufacturer, distributor/supplier and a retailer. You buy the product from a supplier and the supplier buys it from a manufacturer.

When purchasing DEF, ask your supplier if the DEF manufacturer is certified. Look for a manufacturer that holds American Petroleum Institute DEF certification. In addition, the manufacturer must meet certain international specifications as well, especially the ISO 22241 standards.

Only buy if the DEF manufacturer meets these standards.

2) What Date Was the DEF Batch Manufactured?

Generally, DEF has a shelf life of 1-2 years. However, this shelf life may vary depending on the environmental conditions.

When purchasing a stock of DEF, make sure you’re not buying an expired batch or one that is close to expiring. Buy a batch that has been recently manufactured.

3) How Do You Store DEF at Your Facility?

As mentioned, storage conditions tend to have an impact on the quality and shelf life of DEF. It must be stored in a cool, dark location.

Ask your supplier how they store DEF at their facility. If the supplier is not following the standard storage recommendations, don’t buy from them.

4) What Size DEF Containers Do You Offer?

Every customer has distinctive needs. Some may want a 55-gallon DEF drum, others may want a 2-gallon jug of DEF. It’s always advisable to know what your customers want and whether the supplier can offer DEF containers in sizes best suited to your customers’ needs.

Getting answers to these questions will ensure that you’re buying DEF of the highest quality from your supplier.

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