3 Reasons You Need to Use an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG)

To remain competitive in a highly saturated industry, it’s imperative for gasoline station owners to stay on top of acquiring the latest, cutting-edge equipment that ensures optimal efficiency—and more importantly—safety, on their facility.

Gas stations commonly go through a lot of changes in terms of service offerings, operations, and safety equipment upgrades. However, when it comes to investing in gas station equipment that has an immediate impact on safety and efficiency, and delivers a great ROI, there are few options that are better than the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG).

What Is An ATG

An Automatic Tank Gauge helps in assessing the total operations of a gas station, and tailors a main tank monitoring system which delivers easy and timely access to the data you need to prevent losses to your reputation, profits, and products.

To ensure optimal efficiency, it’s vital to have equipment that gives you an accurate reading of the tank level at all times, as well as other interstitial spaces in your piping and in your tanks. It’s also important to monitor tank temperatures and levels to ensure your product’s integrity. Perpetual monitoring goes a long way in preventing disasters and the right precautions should be taken.

The following are three benefits of using an ATG:

1. Better Compliance Monitoring/Tracking

The primary benefit of investing in an ATG is that it can help detect pump flow rates and leaks for better inspections and monitoring. Furthermore, it can also maintain a log that can then be provided to inspectors. Some ATGs also come with printers that can create physical reports at set times.

2. More Accurate Inventory Management

The other prominent benefit of an ATG is that it allows you to accurately track your inventory in real-time. It also detects tank leaks and product contaminations immediately, and immediately works to minimize losses. ATGs typically come with alarms for tank overflows, water alarms, and more.

3. More Efficient Fuel Management

An ATG also enables highly-efficient real-time fuel management for immediate emergency response, agency notification, and 24-hour incident response. It also keeps registrations, permits, and regulatory filings.

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