This Way Please! How to Drive More Customers to Your Gas Station

This Way PleaseYou, as a gas station manager, may be pressed to bring in more customers.

Reduced pricing is one way, but fuel sales already have very low margins. Engaging in a price war with other nearby gas stations is only a race down to the bottom, where everybody is a loser.

However, there are other ways to attract new customer and make current customers return.

Here are four ways you can drive customers to your gas station:


‘Differentiate or Die’ goes a very old branding concept. You want more customers in your gas station, but so does everyone else. What are you doing differently?

Find a niche that no other gas station nearby is aware of, which might attract traffic to your gas station. If you are located near a stadium, stock your convenience store with fan merchandise and jersey’s. If you’re station is located near a river where people go for boating and fishing, have baits and flies stocked in your stock.

Find anything that goes well with your area and makes your gas station stand out from the crowd.

Improve Appearance

First impressions are vital when attracting customers. Drivers usually look at the forecourt when entering, even if they do not need gas. Therefore, the gas pumps, fuel oil nozzles, buttons and displays should be clean and in tip-top condition.

Needless to say, bathrooms should be spotless. Multiple bathroom cleanings should be scheduled each day.


No advertising is like waiting for the customer to come to you, rather than reaching out to them. You shouldn’t be afraid to sell your products and brand if you want more traffic.

Put up signs to display your prices and discounts that you’re offering. Have window signs to promote products that are being sold in the convenience store.

Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how good your gas station is and how attractive deals you offer on your convenience store, customers will never return if the customer service is bad.

A top business guru in the world, Tom Peters, calls excellent customer service as the biggest secret of business success. Nothing will make customers return to your gas station like good customer service.

Customers must feel valued and cared for when they enter your gas station and your employees should be courteous to them as well. Establish a customer satisfaction feedback system, so that you can also receive customer feedback and recommendations directly from the customers on how to improve your service.


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