Service Station Safety Tips

While filling up your vehicle at a service station, there are certain safety rules that you need to follow. A silly mistake could cost you. It is always best to err on the side of caution and to follow standard safety guidelines.

Safety precautions you shouldn’t ignore when visiting a gas station

Here is a list of very useful service stations safety tips that you should follow at any cost:

  1. Always turn your off engine while refueling your vehicle

Whenever you drive up to the gas pump to get fuel for your car or truck, be sure that you turn your engine off before filling its tank.

In order to avoid accidents, especially if you have kids in your vehicle, pull the keys out of the ignition and keep them safely in your pocket. This way no one might accidentally turn on the engine during the refueling process.

  1. Never smoke or use fire near a gas station

This is a pretty obvious one! The use of lighters and matches are strictly forbidden because the environment around a gas station is usually saturated with petroleum vapors which could easily ignite.

It is also against the law to smoke at a service station, even if you are doing it inside your vehicle with the windows rolled up.

  1. Avoid using your mobile phone

Avoid using your mobile phone at Gas stationThe usage of mobile phones in service stations can also be quite dangerous because they can produce sparks which could lead to a fire hazard.

Your phone could also distract you from the refueling process and cause you to make a mistake, such as allowing your tank to overflow. It is a good idea to keep your mobile in your pocket or place it safely in your glove compartment while you are at the gas station.


  1. Be careful while driving

When driving in a service station, always be extra careful. There will probably be several other cars at the station and many people walking around too. A lapse in concentration while driving at the station could have fatal consequences.

  1. Be cautious while refueling your car

Be cautious while refueling your carWhen you are filling your vehicle’s tank, be sure to keep the nozzle and its pipe away from the reach of kids. Make sure not to accidentally spill fuel on the ground, your car, or yourself. Making unnecessary physical contact with the dispenser must also be avoided.

After you have refueled your car, make sure that the nozzle is securely back in its hold.

If you are filling a container with fuel, make sure that it is not leaky and perfectly sealed. Always use the standard fuel containers that are sold at gas stations as they meet all the necessary safety requirements.

  1. Take care of static electricity

Static charges can be generated when you move across your seat and this could cause the fuel vapors around you to catch fire. In order to discharge static electricity, touch the metal portions of your car before making an attempt to reach for the dispenser’s nozzle.

These tips are sure to keep you safe while you refuel your vehicle at a service station.

As a gas station owner, be sure to let your customers know about these safety tips. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also has a comprehensive set of safety guidelines that people must  follow when visiting service stations.

It would be a good idea to print out a copy of these safety guidelines and put them up where everyone can see them. Such a move would be beneficial for your customers and your service station.

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