Leverage the Power of Media to Increase Sales at Your Gas Pump!

A customer spends 3-5 minutes, on average, refueling at a gas pump. You can use these precious minutes to drive more sales at your pump.

Every gas station owner wants their business to be successful—to generate more sales, to generate more profit.

Unfortunately, it’s not you who decide how many sales you make in a day or in a month; it’s your customers.

Power of Media to Increase Sales at Your Gas Pump

But this doesn’t mean you cannot influence your customers into buying more.

We live in an information age. We want to be informed and we’re ever ready to consume more information.

Our smartphones and iPhones are always set on alerts for breaking news, trends and social media notifications. Even when we’re waiting in a lobby for someone, our eyes are usually pinned at the TV in the lobby or at the smartphone that we have with us, as we try to absorb what’s new, what’s hot and what’s happening around us.

We’ve become information hungry.

And if this information is actionable—admit it or not—we do tend to act to on it. May be not always, but we do.

We get influenced by the information we absorb.

Which brings us to the point we made earlier:

You cannot control how many sales you make in a day or in a month, but you can influence your customer’s purchase decisions, influence them into buying more and thus increase sales at your gas pump.

How can you do that?

By leveraging the power of media; by leveraging information.


Gas pumps are turning into these new informational venues, where dispensers are being fitted with colorful and large displays. These displays provide customers with information on the various products stocked inside the pumps’ c-stores.

While filling their tanks, customers can view the different promotional offers being displayed on the screens of the fuel dispensers, and if they like something, they can head to the c-store and purchase the item.

The technology has made it even simpler and more convenient!

There are some gas equipment vendors, like Gilbarco, who have designed these smart dispensers, where media is directly connected to a gas station’s POS system. Customers don’t even have to go inside the c-store to make a purchase; they can make the purchase while they’re dispensing the fuel and just collect the item from the counter on their way out.

Imagine, a customer hits your gas pump early in the morning. While filling the gas, a breakfast deal promo gets displayed onto the media screen. Your customer did not have his breakfast and is feeling hungry. If the deal is really good, he’s definitely buying that.

You just influenced your customer into making a purchase without any forced selling. Branding at its very best.

Isn’t that cool?

Interested in exploring media options for your gas pump?

The John W. Kennedy Company has the solution for you.

We sell Applause TV, Gilbarco’s patented media technology solution for gas pumps. Proven to be effective in driving increased sales, the Applause TV can be bought as a complete package (with dispensers) or you can separately buy it to retrofit into your existing Gilbarco fuel dispenser. Contact us for more details. We also offer easy gas station equipment financing to our customers.

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