Keeping Your Loyal Gas Station Air Compressor in Tip Top Shape!

Your gas station air compressor works day and night… sitting out in the harshest of weather conditions, serving the longest of deflated queues and breathing in the most polluted of environments. Yet, it hardly ever complains!


Just so, its owner can earn a decent livelihood.

But do you as the owner, take enough care of it?

Your gas station air compressor certainly deserves to be looked after – don’t you think?

So here’s something for you and your loyal gas station air compressor… basic recommendations to keep your air compressor in tip-top shape.

Regularly clean the intake vent of your air compressor

Your air compressor breathes pure air… air polluted with dirt and dust particles. Naturally, over time, its intake vent gets clogged. And when its intake vent gets clogged, it has to force itself to keep working. This can exhaust it.

What’s the solution?

Regularly clean the intake vent of your air compressor to ensure it keeps running tirelessly and smoothly.

Drain the condensate at the end of each day

Air contains moisture. When your compressor is compressing air, this moisture can accumulate inside its storage tank in the form of condensate.

It’s vital that you drain off the condensate from your compressor at the end of each day.

Why you ask?

Because if the condensate sits there, it will occupy unnecessary space in the storage tank of your compressor. That means lower air pressure and more work for your compressor to do.

Maintain scheduled inspection of the hose pipe

The hosepipe of your air compressor is responsible for carrying compressed air to the nozzle. If the hosepipe is damaged, compressed air can leak which can increase the operational strain on your air compressor.

Don’t overwork your gas station air compressor; maintain scheduled inspection of the hose pipe.

Watch out for excessive temperatures

Your gas station air compressor is meant to be operated in regulated temperatures. Unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case. It runs and runs until it overheats. Even then, it does not complain… Not until the temperature becomes unbearable for it.

Why put your air compressor under so much temperature stress?

Make a habit of switching off your air compressor when it’s not in use. Also, regularly inspect the water jackets and clean its heat exchangers to make sure it does not overheat while running.

Your gas station air compressor is one of your most loyal, dependable companions. Take care of it!

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