For Gas Stations: A Quick Refresher to Pending UST Regulations!

On July 15, 2015, the EPA released updated the UST regulations. These were the first major revisions included in the federal register regarding operating and maintaining UST equipment, since 1988.

But it’s 2018—how does the mention even fit in the current context?

For Gas Stations A Quick Refresher to Pending UST Regulations

Put simply: October 13, 2018 is the final deadline for gas stations to establish compliance with EPA’s updated UST regulations.

Have you made all the necessary relevant arrangements?


Here’s a quick refresher to the pending UST regulations and what the EPA expects from you as a UST owner.

Improved UST release prevention, control and detection

The basic goal of the published update is to improve UST release prevention, control and detection methods at gas stations and other fuel retailing facilities.

Oil leaks and spills from underground tanks have long been a major environmental concern and the EPA finally wants to address it through this update. The agency seeks your cooperation in helping them achieve the goal.

What are the major regulatory requirements you need to keep in check as part of the update?

They’re as follows:

  • You must test your UST systems and sumps for leakage every three years.
  • You must perform spill bucket testing every three years unless your UST system is fitted with double-wall spill buckets which already require regular testing.
  • In case of all future UST repairs, the repaired components must be tested for compliance within 30 days of the repair job.
  • All overfill prevention equipment must be inspected every three years, except in jurisdictions where the requirement has been set on an annual basis.

And you’ve…

Just about a month to go to ensure compliance and train and ready your staff for the upcoming regulatory changes.

If you don’t…

You can fully expect the EPA to fine you as a punishment for non-compliance. The imposed fine can be up to $5000 or more…for each UST equipment…for each day of violation!

Are you in compliance?

The John W. Kennedy Company is standing by to help you.

We supply high-end UST leak detection and control systems to gas stations and can also help you with UST inspections and staff training.

For more details please call 1.800.238.1225 or fill out our contact form.

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