A Storm Guide for Gas Stations: Facility Preparation and Recovery

Hurricane Rosa becomes category 4 storm.

Hurricane Rosa has intensified to a Category 4 storm according to the National Hurricane Center and is expected to hit Baja California in Mexico later this week. Experts at the National Weather Service in Flagstaff however believethat its impact could also be felt on the U.S. Pacific coast, especially in Arizona.

A Storm Guide for Gas Stations Facility Preparation and Recovery

Heavy rainfall, strong winds and flooding have been forecasted in the region.

While many different types of businesses will be impacted if the storm does make the landfall as per the pattern expected, gas stations are a critical and unique business resource that must be protected from its impact.

Below is a storm guide for gas station owners to help them prepare their facility in the days before the storm hits. It also provides some essential guidelines for facility recovery post disaster.

Facility Preparation

Follow these steps in the preparation of Hurricane Rosa (or any other storm in general) to minimize gas station damage:

Make sure your underground tanks are full

Prior to shutting down your site, make sure your underground fuel storage tanks are full. This will prevent tanks from floating in flood conditions.

Check and secure the fill caps

You don’t want flood water to enter your storage tanks and contaminate fuel stocks; ensure all fill caps are intact and leak proof.

Manually trip the shear valves on your fuel dispensers

Don’t forget to activate the shear valves on your fuel dispensers to prevent leaks and accidental flows.

Shut off your fuel dispensers and ensure the doors are properly locked and sealed

When evacuating, turn off the AC supply to your fuel dispensers and make sure that dispenser doors are locked and properly sealed.

Wrap your fuel dispensers in a stretch film

This will protect the hanging hardware in the wind.

Move your electronic equipment onto your store counter tops

If you run a convenience store at your gas station facility, move your store’s electronic equipment onto counter tops before leaving the facility to prevent flood damage.

Back up your critical gas station data

You may lose your gas station data during the storm, so it’s important you back your critical records to minimize operational downtimes.

Facility Recovery

When attempting facility recovery, keep the following precautions and guidelines in check:

Have an electrician check the Gas station equipment

Before restoring power, get the station equipment checked by an electrician to ensure it’s not damaged.

Check storage tanks for presence of water

Water must be removed from storage tanks before resuming the operations.

Replace fuel filters

Irrespective of whether they’re damaged or not, fuel filters should be replaced during facility recovery;you don’t want to take the risk.

Dispose off dispensers and equipment that have been completely submerged

Do not use dispensers and equipment that have been completely submerged in flood water.

We wish and pray that you, your gas station and everyone under the threat of this storm remain safe.

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