5 Ways to Promote Your Gas Station

No matter where you go, gas stations can be easily found. Setting up a gas station franchise is a lucrative business, no doubt, but it’s always competitive. Very competitive—which means you have to up your marketing game.

Here are some things that you can include in your marketing plan.

Increase Customer Base with Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are an excellent tool to keep regular customers satisfied. The program should reward repeat purchase and maintain loyalty. Reward your loyal customers with freebies like, car wash, car wax, oil change, or free meals

You can also create a point system, that rewards top ranking customer with additional services like car detailing or complete servicing.

Upgrade your gas station amenities

People make pit-stops to gas stations to refill tanks and freshen up. If your gas station lacks basic amenities, like a clean bathroom and a convenience store with the bare necessities, people will avoid stopping by.

Clean bathrooms are quite attractive after driving long distances. Keep these small things in mind when trying to improve your business operations.

Stock up on food (that meets health and safety standards); vital supplies like package food, medicine, beverages.

Carry out contests

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Consumers like to be rewarded. It should be something that your customers value like, free car essential, gift certificates, free coffee and donuts.

Make sure consumers know about the competition beforehand, so that more people are engaged in the promotional activity.

Social Media Representation

Social media is great platform for promotion. A wider audience can be reached with social media. Keep your Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page updated with the latest news to drive traffic at your gas station.

Partner with other businesses

Another way to promote your business is to partner with other businesses. These days gas stations are partnering with groceries, car workshops, and fast-food chains.

Gas stations often offer discounts or free services at partner businesses to loyal customers.

Make sure your gas station is in top condition and equipped with latest power management equipment, breakaways, nozzle swivels, pipe fittings, Gilbarco equipment, and shop management system.

John W. Kennedy Company sells high quality gas station equipment and supplies. If you ever need anything for your gas station, feel free to contact us, and we’ll make sure your needs are promptly addressed.

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